9 Questions About Kingsman, The Secret Service That Need To Be Answered

The Kingsman movies have had a considerable impact on the genre of spy movies. They have a lot of similarities to the popular genre with amazing action sequences and sharply dressed spies, but they also add one with their undeniable British suave. However, Her Majesty’s secret service is still shrouded in some degree of mystery. With The King’s Man playing in theatres, not all things make sense. So here are 9 questions about Kingsman, the secret service we still have.

Who Was The Progenitor of the Organisation

Although The Kingsman promises to delve into the origins of the secret service, it is still not clear how this organization came about. The main question that all fans have is who even started the agency. Was it the character we see in the promotion material or was it someone else? Has the organization been around since medieval times? Who knows what dangers they have saved us from over the years. Hopefully, we get this answer in future movies.


Why the Camelot References?

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An interesting thing about the Kingsman is their nomenclature. Usually, all secret agents have pseudonyms and it is not unusual for spies to use aliases. However, the kingsmen use the knights of Camelot as a reference, which is quite interesting. This makes us think that they descend from medieval knights, although it is possible that they started using these terms as jokes and they became the norm.


Do The Kingsman Exist

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It is interesting to see this organization walking the line between outlandish bravado and complete secrecy. Although it makes for an entertaining film, it fails to establish just how secret this secret organization is. We still don’t know who the government knows of the existence of The Kingsman. Maybe it is only The Prime Minister’s office. Whatever the case might be the exact specifics of the organization’s position in the administration is largely unclear.


Who Leads These Men?

Questions about Kingsman

Another question we have is who leads these men? More specifically, how is a leader chosen for the Kingsman? One would assume that this happens by the means of internal elections or something of the same sort. However, this can be challenged because someone sinister was leading the Kingsman. We think that there is more to the power structure of the secret service than meets the eye.


Kingsman, StatesMen, just how many Men?

Kingsman: The Golden Circle introduced us to the Statesmen, an organization from the USA much like the Kingsman themselves. We want to know just how many such organizations exist. Are these two the only ones or are there more? Does each country have its own version of the secret service separate from its primary intelligence agencies? We would be glad to know this and it would greatly expand the in-universe lore.


Who Came First

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Although we were told that Statesmen were established after Kingsman, this is liable to change in future movies. Mostly because we are about to delve Into the origins of this spy entity. It is possible that The Kingsman may get some assistant from overseas in his adventure and in that case a retcon would be the only viable choice.

Who’s Doing The Recruiting Now

With most of The Kingsman dismantled after the last movie we feel that it is incredibly important to highlight the recruitment process. After the dismantling of the current agents, this secret service will need a lot many more recruits to become viable once again. To do this Eggsy must take the role of the recruiter. We hope it works out.


Where Does The Equipment Come From

Questions about Kingsman

The most intriguing part of The KingsMan was the kind of infrastructure the organization has. They have weapon caches in tailor shops and amazing clothes. The entire enterprise seems to be very well funded but we want to understand how this came about. It could not have been easy to build all of this up from scratch and if the origin of the organization is recent then how did they create all of this so fast.


Will The Organisation Will Be Remade?

With the entire secret service in shambles, it will fall to Eggsy to rebuild it. But the real question is whether he would want to actually rebuild it. The agency was corrupt from the very top. This kind of experience makes one wary of power structures. We cannot know whether rebuilding will lead to something good but we hope that it does.

So these were the questions about Kingsman we needed answers for. Hopefully, Kingman 3 will answer a few of them in 2023.

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