10 Awesome Fan Theories For The Future Of Arrowverse Too Hot To Handle

Arrowverse is The CW TV Universe’s most prized possession. It has introduced amazing fan favorites into the small screens like Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, and Kara Danvers. After six years of utter awesomeness, the future of Arrowverse is solid and bright but not many have any idea what that is. There are certain fan theories that shed some light on this matter…..


Felicity Smoak is the foremost hacker and computer analyst that aids the Vigilante in Star City in all his ventures. She was recently in a wheelchair after suffering a devastating blow to her spine. As OverWatch, she has used her vast computer skills to nab the bad guys. In the comics, that exact role has been fulfilled by Oracle aka Barbara Gordon – the former Batgirl, after the Joker almost kills her. Felicity could end up as the next Oracle.

Gotham – Arrowverse Crossover

This one sounds like a distant dream. But shows from two different networks have already crossed over, case in point The Flash- Super Girl events before CW acquired the rights of Super Girl from ABC. Gotham is a weirdly cool show. What if Barry or say Oliver find their way into Gotham City through a dimensional portal?!? It wouldn’t be too cheesy considering dimensional portals are all the rage in the Arrowverse now.

Secret Six

The Secret Six is Suicide Squad, but without the nano-bombs on their foreheads and a nagging Amanda Waller in their ears. The Secret Six is a group of super-villains that have had a successful career in villainy in the comic book lore. They are a group of beloved and handpicked supervillains who could find them next fighting the heroes of the Arrowverse.

Animal Man

Animal Man is one of the craziest superheroes in the entire comic book universe, both DC and Marvel. Second, only to Deadpool, his storylines are a treat to watch and will leave you hanging by a thread. Animal Man holds the power of the Red – the source of all living things made of flesh and can mimic the abilities of any animal on Earth (and in Space). Super Girl has already introduced weird characters into Arrowverse. Animal Man could end up appearing on that show and if luck permits, could star in his own later.

Birds of Prey

The TV Show was too much of a letdown. But the comic book issue was a sight to behold and a thing to be treasured. Birds of Prey have been one of DC Comics’ most successful ventures of the 21st Century. The team has a rotating membership but heroes like Huntress, Black Canary, Oracle, and Katana are core members of the group. Huntress and Black Canary are already part of the Arrowverse.


Oliver Queen has already namedropped Bruce Wayne in Season 6 of The Arrow. So that just means Batman exists in the Arrowverse. All CW has to do now is bring him up to speed. The Dark Knight has been mentioned in Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Super Girl. If Superman could appear in The CW, what’s to stop his best friend from doing the same? Batman could become Oliver’s mentor in his hour of need.

DCEU-CW Crossover

A thing like that has already been performed by Marvel Comics. Agents of Shield has had appearances from mainstream MCU characters like Nick Fury and Lady Sif. The CW could follow a similar route, and allow mainstream superheroes of DC Comics to make a debut on the smaller screens. Even a cameo will do. Think about it – Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman talking to Super Girl. Now THAT’S a sight for sore eyes!!


Doomsday is DCEU property now. But that does not mean The CW cannot use it. Warner Bros. has the ultimate say on this matter. Doomsday, in comics, is the result of an experiment that led to him being killed repeatedly and cloned again with added countermeasures against whatever killed him the last time. The result was an unkillable beast that even took down the Man of Steel. Doomsday could become the subject of Arrowverse’s next crossover event.

Arrow- Forwards

Everyone wants to know what happens in their favorite shows even before the Episode airs. The Arrowverse only gives its fans Flash Backs. But the concept of Flash Forwards was explored in Season 4 of Arrow. The show showed that in the future, a major Arrow team member would die. This was an interesting plot device that could be used and explored further.

The Trinity is Dead


The Holy Trinity of DC Comics is – Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. Although the chances of them appearing in the present time of the Arrowverse are slim, they could make a posthumous appearance. The Justice Society of America already has made their debut in Legends of Tomorrow. The Trinity could make a similar appearance. Maybe the Trinity is nowhere to be found now because they died fighting a grave threat. Maybe Arrow is the first well-known superhero in ages because Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, in this world, has been dead for a long time!

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