Kingpin Deleted Scene Reveals How He Reacted After The Battle of New York

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been making great strides in content creation. They seem to have created shows that fans enjoy more than any other. Then there is the fact that bringing characters like Hawkeye over to the OTT format gives them much more freedom and leeway with their storytelling. This is evidenced by the fact that Marvel Studios chose to integrate the old Marvel TV characters like Kingpin into their main universe. Even though Kingpin only appeared in the final episode, his original role was more prominent in the show. A new Kingpin deleted scene from Hawkeye has surfaced online.

Kingpin Deleted Scene

Twitter user MarcLeStrange posted the above tweet with an embedded video making his tweet go viral and sending fans into a frenzy. The scene itself is not much, it is just the flashback for when Eleanor and Kingpin first met after the battle of New York in Avengers. Kingpin wanted Eleanor to know that she owed him a great debt because of her husband and now she must work for him to pay it off or things would get very bad for her daughter and her. In his signature style Kingpin intimidates with his ‘polite’ tactics and Eleanor has no choice but to give in.


Kingpin Deleted Scene

Although the scene does not add much in terms of the story, it does help us sympathize with Eleanor on a deeper level. Even though she is a murderous criminal mastermind, she is still another and started on this path because of desperation. This emphasizes that Kingpin’s real power has always been his negotiation skills and threatening aura. The criminal overlord has rarely had to get his hands dirty because he has such a sharp mind and friends on every level.


It was nice to get a look at how he obtains the said ‘friends’. Would you have liked to see Kingpin in an earlier episode or do you think his appearance in the finale was more impactful because of his absence in the other episodes? Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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