6 Things In No Way Home Inspired By The PS4 Spider-Man Games

Sony’s & Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home and Insomniacs’ Spider-Man: Miles Morales both came out one after another. And with the Insomniac’s first Spider-Man game being one of the best Spidey video-game iterations, there were bound to be some similarities. Tom Holland even pointed out that the game greatly inspired one of the fight sequences in the movie. The game developers even remastered the game to have the black and gold suit and the integrated suit, featured in NWH. It was rather amusing to see the developers of the game and producers of the movie using inspiration from each other’s work. One video game player even listed all the similarities between the Peters of the two worlds. Here are all the things in No Way Home that were inspired by the PS4 Spider-Man games.



If you are one of the people who have played this game multiple times, you would have noticed that the fight between Norman Osborn (or preferably, Green Goblin) and Peter Parker was rather familiar. In the game, Peter made use of web strings in both of his hands to hurl himself towards the Kingpin to drive him into the floor (and then some more floors). However, in the movie, it was Green Goblin that had the misfortune of standing against Peter during this move.


And if this wasn’t enough, another one of Spider-Man’s moves was a direct takeaway from the game. The scene where Spider-Man uses both of his hands’ webs to throw Osborn (who was behind him) in the air and then hurls him into the ground, was more nostalgic than it felt. The move might not be exactly similar, but it brought the game back into the viewers’ minds.



Things in No Way Home

In all of Spider-Man’s iterations, in comics, movies, and the game, Peter is known for living in a crappy apartment. Paired with his inability to find a stable, well-paying job, he is often unable to pay his rent on time. Sam Raimi’s movies featured this side of Peter Parker in a very hilarious way, with Elya Baskin’s Mr. Ditkovich. Even though we don’t know that if Peter would be able to pay his rent on time, it would be inspiring, seeing him try to handle the death of Aunt May, his college, and his jobs.


In addition, the apartments in the game and NWH were more similar than you realize. Unlike Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker’s apartment, the new apartment had two windows, with all the essential appliances packed one after another on the left side of the apartment while the bed is on the right side, similar to the one in the game.


Spider-Man: No Way Home ends with featuring Peter Parker swinging around the roads of Manhattan in his brand-new suit. Notably, it was the jolly season of Christmas when we see him in the movie, much like a sequence in the game, where we see him being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in a mall with Christmas decorations. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, too, can be seen swinging in front of the grand Christmas Tree at the Rockefeller Center.



The movie, just like the game, featured the death of May Parker on-screen. Another detail, pointed out by a Reddit user was the quote on the grave of May Parker, that was featured in Aunt May’s final monologue. The quote is, “When you help someone, you help everyone”. The MCU’s May Parker seemed to live with this ideology, something she acted upon when she founded FEAST. It makes sense that the movie writers chose this quote as it foreshadows Peter Parker’s actions in the movie.


Things in No Way Home

However, this led to another debate, which was, will uncle Ben be seen in the future, or not? This question has been in every Spider-Man fanatics’ mind since 2016’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. As of yet, not much evidence seen in the movie refers to him being alive or dead. However, with no mentors left, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man may go on a trip down memory lane and we might finally get our long-awaited answer.



Another thing that is straight outta the game is the Police Radio Sanner app, used by the game’s Peter’s Parker. Peter uses this hacking app to surf through the police radio for any neighborhood disturbances. This helps him to find the people who need help, a lot faster than swinging through Manhattan. This app is almost the same in both the movie and the game. However, in the movie, this app implies that Peter doesn’t require Stark tech anymore. This is a huge step for the character as until now, Peter was heavily dependent on Tony or his tech for his stuff and weapons.

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