20 Nexus Event Memes Showing How Fans Roasted Loki

The term Nexus event was first introduced in the WandaVision series and then we got the detailed information about that in the Loki series. Check out these Nexus Event memes showing how fans roasted Loki, and I bet that they’d definitely make you laugh:

1. That’s Been Tough!!


2. Oh No!!

3. There We Go!!


4. Loki Likes It!!

5. Glorious Purpose!!


6. Oh No!

7. Funniest Shit Ever!!


8. Woah!!

9. That Must Be Best!!


10. LOL!!

11. Aww!!


12. Terrible!!

13. No More!!


14. Crazy!!

15. Hot!!


16. OMG!!

17. Good For Him!!


18. Okay!!

19. LMAO!!


20. LOL!

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