10 Reasons Why No Time To Die Might Be The Best Bond Film of Daniel Craig

No Time To Die was Daniel Craig’s last take on the role of James Bond and the story was a fitting closing chapter to his take on the character. Ever since Craig was given the chance to play the role the writers evolved the elements of James Bond. This allowed for a much deeper narrative that is a lot more different from the other projects and often strayed away from the general path of James Bond arcs. The movie had various elements that allowed for a movie that make this unique viewing experience with the usual amount of Bond stunts. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons why No Time To Die might actually be the best Bond film of Daniel Craig.

Significant Supporting Characters

One of the biggest parts of the James Bond franchise is the various supporting characters that are often brought in and play some essential parts in the narratives. But one of the major problems with the history of these characters is that they were often kept as one-off characters. Fans could clearly see that these characters won’t be anything essential in the future projects of the franchise. But this changed with the Daniel Craig James Bond movies as we got to see some supporting characters becoming a larger part of the narrative. We got to see Paloma in this movie and she is definitely one of the most significant characters and we would love to see more of her considering the movie paves the way for a competent character next to Bond.


A Genuine Narrative As The Spine

One of the biggest parts of the Daniel Craig James Bond movies was the fact that the character actually had some development in the movies. James Bond started with something different in Craig’s first outing with Skyfall and ever since then, we saw tidbits of him evolve. The character went through a massive transformation over the various movies that we got to witness him in. But the most significant part was played by No Time To Die in order to make a culmination of all the various ideas that were present in the films that preceded it. Daniel Craig really had to bring together a lot of dramatic performance in order out a maturity in the character he has played multiple times now.


The Soundtrack And Its Links To The Plot

Best Bond Film of Daniel Craig

Every time a James Bond movie came in fans were also accustomed to the soundtrack that played out during the opening. Some of the most memorable songs have been a part of the franchise over the years. But the songs were never essentially a part of the narrative and more towards the aesthetic of the movie in itself. There is something rather appealing about the No Time To Die soundtrack. In that, the soundtrack actually plays into the narrative of the movie and we get to witness a rather essential arc build-up because of it. This movie even chose to use music during the emotional parts and the music used in those moments actually references the past moments from the franchise having similar tones.  


Lack of Throwaway Characters

The past movies in the franchise had a tendency of using a certain narrative where we got to see a character being brought in just for the sake of killing them off. But this evolved a bit more slowly into the franchise where we got to see some continuity from some characters. This was seen a lot more with some of the characters of these movies. One of the most interesting forms of this was seen was with characters like Solange, Mr. White, and Felix Leiter. Each of these characters was an essential part of the narrative and they all affected Bond in the movie.


Nods To Past Films Of The Franchise

Another big thing that this finale brought to the franchise was a lot of reference to the past films of the franchise. There were slight tones and arcs that were quite similar to the quite popular On Her Majesty Secret Service, which was one of the only movies that featured a love story amongst the past films of the movie. Other than that there was also the reference based on the return of the Aston Martin DB5 along with the various additional gadgety features of the car. This was actually a part of the Timothy Dalton movies, and one can clearly notice that these references and nods are actually to some of the less popular movies of the franchise.


Finishing The Storyline

This was the final appearance of Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond and it does fulfill the narrative to make it seem to be his final appearance. Past actors didn’t get to say a proper goodbye in the movies because of the absolutely abrupt way that they were dropped from the franchise. The primary villain in Craig’s films was Spectre and the final movie does actually finish off with all of the members of this criminal organization being killed.


Putting Bond On The Edge

Best Bond Film of Daniel Craig

Every Bond film has a tendency of making sure that the spy is pushed to the edge around the end so that the stakes could be increased. This was seen in the case of this movie because we saw everything Bond ever had to look up for getting away from him. There are a lot of moments in this movie where Bond is actually going through some of the direst situations. His death, in the end, is very well defined because of the large stakes.


Possibility For Spin-Offs

While the movie might be over but there are still some major things that are present in the movie that could be dragged into narratives of their own. We are talking about movies that could drive the arcs of the other characters who are present in the movie. It is not known if Nomi will be the next Bond but she has definitely had sufficient character development to have her own movie. But the most exciting bit would be to see a movie starring Paloma because she surely makes for a rather exciting spy for a movie of her own in the world of James Bond.


The Depth Of The Villain

Rami Malek surely made for an interesting James Bond villain and would surely be on the list of some of the top antagonists we have seen in the franchise. This actually made a stark change to the Spectre narrative and we finally got to see a wholly original villain. It is rather difficult to pull off a completely original villain and then use it for the sake of the narrative of the movie. There were certain parallels that could be drawn between him and James Bond himself.


Bond Accepts His Flaws & Errors To His Persona

Bond comes to terms with the various parts where a character like him is not perfect for the world and he comes to terms with his ills. The idea that he was called out even when he was actually right in some way. While his death was hard to watch, the character only goes for the sacrifice narrative because there was no other choice. Other than putting Madeleine and Mathilde with a chance of getting infected, his survival would have put them in danger anyway.

Do you agree that No Time To Die was the Best Bond film of Daniel Craig? Or was it Skyfall or Casino Royale in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

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