The Matrix Resurrections Final Trailer Reveals Agent Smith and So Much More

In recent years we have seen some of the biggest reboots and revivals of some of the biggest cinematic franchises take place. There is a lot of skepticism over if the franchise will actually work out or not. People often try to keep high expectations when they find out that the revival will see the return of their favorite actors. One of the biggest franchises in action and sci-fi history have to be The Matrix movies. These movies laid down a foundation for a certain type of action that was never seen before and now it has become the style for over a decade. The Matrix franchise will return with the upcoming installment, and we’ve got the final trailer of The Matrix Resurrections which reveals a lot of exciting action sequences and the return of Agent Smith.

The Matrix

Ever since it was announced that Keanu Reeves will be returning to star in another Matrix film fans have been wondering how the movie will work out. The original trilogy was an influence on some of the most popular directors we have known over the years. While the first movie is still considered to be an experience of epic proportions, the sequels didn’t see the same success. It became a case of the sequels not being able to live up to the first film and this is something that the fans fear might happen in the upcoming film. But the recent trailer for the movie shows that there is going to be a lot of excitement unfolding here too.


The Matrix Resurrections will see Keanu Reeves’ Neo 20 years after the events of the last movie living in the simulated virtual world as Thomas A. Anderson. Things see a massive change when we discover that he meets Trinity who is also oblivious to the Matrix and equally amnesiac. Her presence along with Morephues offering him the pill makes him remember the events of the past. Neo must use his memory as a means to save the world and regain who he was so that he can prevent the end of humanity.


The Matrix Resurrections Final Trailer

Warner Bros. released a second trailer for the movie considering the movie is set to come out in less than a year and it has some really exciting moments. This trailer features some of the things that have always been the most exciting bits about The Matrix films. There are a lot of references to the events of the past films as Neo draws parallels in order to remember things that have unfolded before.


We were shown that Trinity was killed in The Matrix Revolutions but here we see her alive and there is also a clear shot of her in an isolated life pod. These are the same pods that might have been used to revive Neo after he had also clearly died in the third Matrix movie. Considering the dangers that the two of them pose together the machines might have played their hands in keeping them separated.


We were not indicated that Jonathan Groff would be playing Agent Smith but that seems to be the exact case for the movie with him being the primary means of making Neo remember the interrogation he had in the first film. The actor is given a description in the movie that has us wondering about him:

Jonathan Groff (“Hamilton,” TV’s “Mindhunter”), plays Thomas Anderson’s business partner, a slick, confident corporate type with insouciant charm, a disarming smile and an eye on the bottom line–everything Mr. Anderson is not.


The Matrix Resurrections Final Trailer

Similarly, we now have descriptions regarding the characters of Neil Patrick Harris and Priyanka Chopra Jones from the movie:

Neil Patrick Harris (“Gone Girl”) plays Thomas’ therapist, working closely with his patient to understand the meaning behind his dreams and to distinguish them from reality.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas (TV’s “Quantico”) plays a young woman with a wisdom that belies her years and an ability to see the truth, no matter how murky the waters.


We see some real action sequences from Neo in the trailer as he might have come to terms with his powers and uses them to protect Trinity. The sequences also give us some idea about the new powers that he will be showing in the movie as he tries to save Trinity. One of the most exciting nods to the original movies is when Neo is fighting Agent Smith and after pulling his moves he says, “I still know Kung Fu.”


Fans will get to see the latest rendition of The Matrix with the return of original writer/director Lana Wachowski at the helm. She was also involved in the script along with David Mitchell and Aleksander Hemon. Carrie-Anne Moss will return in the role of Trinity and star alongside Keanu Reeves. Other actors making a return to the franchise include Jada Pinkett Smith, Daniel Bernhardt, and Lambert Wilson. The trailer gave us our first look at Jada Pinkett Smith’s Niobi in the trailer and it seems she will be appearing rather older than the last time we saw her. We will also get to witness newcomers to the franchise including Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jessica Henwick, Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris, Priyanka Chopra Jones, and Christina Ricci.

The Matrix Resurrections will come out in theatres worldwide and on the HBO Max streaming platform on December 22.

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