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The Batman Trailer 3 Focuses on Batman and Catwoman

The DCEU is finally starting to bounce back from its recent failures. They released the Snyder Cut this year and made waves through the changes made in the story. I mean, if seeing The Flash turn back time doesn’t do it for you then not much will. Moreover, The DC showcase this year showed presented us with a first look at a lot of movies including Robert Pattinson’s The Batman. The new trailer or The Batman trailer 3 is out now and it focuses on Batman and Catwoman. We have reproduced it below for your convenience, take a look:

Now, it may not be clear from the first viewing of the trailer since the footage has been extended ever so little but there are not many new shots in the trailer. In fact, the only additions we’ve got from the last trailer are the voiceovers in this one. Maybe some additional shots of Batman and Catwoman have been added, but that much is obvious considering this trailer has been named “The Bat and The Cat Trailer”. The focus of the movie seems to be, as always, Bruce Wayne. But rather than focusing on his isolation and internal struggle, this movie is about his relationships.


The Batman trailer 3

The Relationships that Bruce and Batman have, the history they share with the city, and how this history has shaped them. Basically, the relationships and actions of Bruce and The Batman seem to be shaping the story here. Almost like The Riddler is playing a game. He is acting like a child sitting atop an anthill, poking at the source to assert his dominance on the bugs. Only here the bug is a Bat and a Cat.


Batman And Catwoman

What is happening? How does The Riddler know Batman’s true identity? How is the Catwoman Involved and Why is she helping The Batman? All of these are questions that we will attempt to answer in the subsequent paragraphs. But first, we must discuss that this trailer makes it clear that Batman and Catwoman are working together as partners. They are partnering up trying to save the city from The Riddler. It is unclear whether Batman is aware of Selena’s presence before the events of the movie or not.


But it seems that he is used to working with the cops and they, at least, recognize his importance. Well, that is, until they do not anymore. Regardless of the situation as the trailer goes on we get this sense that even with The Bat and The Cat on the same side, The Riddler is too much to handle. He chides Bruce and calls him dumb, then he proceeds to blow up the entire city. It is a statement that Batman cannot protect Gotham and that he is not even aware of his own scars.


The Batman trailer 3

Moreover, there are some secrets about the Wayne Empire that are yet to come to light. But the voiceover in the trailer confirms that Alfred has been lying to Bruce about this for a long time. If it is something incriminating about his parents then we cannot fault Bruce for how he reacts to the news. It is possible that this information is used by The Riddler as a distraction for Batman. He would not be a very smart villain if he did not use it to his advantage.


The Team-up

Batman and Catwoman

As for this version of Selina Kyle, it seems that she likes this city as much as her hero counterpart. The character of Catwoman has always been kind of an anti-hero. Although she does have the habit of consummating with the hero. Still, her motivations remain murky and she often ends up playing both sides to her own advantage. We are unsure what kind of agenda she has in this movie but it is bound to come out in the open soon enough.


We can speculate more about how things will go down in the movie but it will not benefit anyone. In fact, if we look at the trailer it seems clear that all of this is an elaborate plan by The Riddler to keep Batman off his trail long enough for his plan to take proper shape. We wonder what his end goal is? Let us know in the comments below if you have an idea about it and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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