6 Reasons Why Girls Hate Emma Stone

Ever since she was a young kid, Emma Stone always desired to be an actress. From acting in TV shows to playing major roles in mainstream movies, she earned an Oscar for her terrific performance in La La Land (2016). Moreover, she is one of the highest paid actresses in the world. There are several reasons why we love Emma Stone, like, she can sing, she dances well and pretty much get at making funny faces. She is a talented actress and one of the gorgeous ones. Since there is so much to love about her, we bring you six reasons why girls hate Emma Stone.

1. She is not a gossip girl

Emma Stone does not like to gossip so much. There is so much stuff to talk about things happening around, creative ideas and world news. There has to be something, but that seems a little weird. Jokes apart, she believes in “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

2. She speaks her mind out

In the entertainment business, it is better not to say some things, but she is not afraid of speaking her mind out. She is against body shaming and always avoid trapping in gossips.

3. She is an old soul

Emma Stone easily becomes friends with older people. Moreover, she taught Woody Allen to text. In an interview, she said that she feels comfortable around older people.

4. Nerdy

Emma always wanted to pursue acting, while her parents were not in the favor of her decision. Generally, she avoids gossiping and loves reading a lot. One day she decided to make a powerpoint presentation to convince her parents to pursue acting.

5. She does know how to handle paparazzi

It was the time when Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were coughing dating each other in a restaurant. Before they came out of the resultant they had a plan for paparazzi. They wrote two big positive messages on the cars and held it for paparazzi. There could be other ways.

6. Too skinny

Emma Stone

Emma Stone should be awarded for putting an end to the body shaming. Many people have stunted on her being skinny and that she should put some meat on her bones.

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