5 Craziest Deadpool Avatars That Will Blow Your Mind

Deadpool is a character like none other. He is a gab fest who is a little too efficient with the murdering of people without blinking an eye. He is however not the only hero in the Marvel Multiverse with a mouth full of swear words. Here are the five Deadpool versions you never knew:

1. The Deadpool Corps:

5 INSANE Versions Of Deadpool You Never Knew About
Deadpool Versions

The Deadpool Corps were brought together by one of the Elders of the Universe, The Contemplator, to combat a cosmic threat known as The Awareness. The team consists of all the different versions of him from the Marvel multiverse which includes Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Headpool, Dogpool, and Kidpool.

2. Zombie version:

He was the chief carrier of a zombie virus which infected every superhero on earth. This virus did not, however, turn them into mindless zombies. They still retained their intelligence but were contaminated with a need to eat flesh. He reached Earth-2149 in search of more prey and was captured by the planet’s A.R.M.O.R. He didn’t go without a fight, ending with just the capture of his head which was named Headpool. The head continued on more adventures without his body.

3. The Duck:

Deadpool the Duck is a combination of Howard the Duck and Rocket Raccoon. Raccoon had contracted space rabies while on a mission and landed on Howard’s car. They fight, Rocket bites into Pool’s teleporter and the Duck emerged. He was recruited by The Corps to kill every Deadpool in the Multiverse. Unfortunately, he got killed as well.

4. Lady Deadpool:

Deadpool Versions

Wanda Wilson is the female version of Deadpool from Earth-3010. She joined a group of rebels fighting a fascist government led by Captain America. She ended up beating Captain America twice in a fight but she was not alone. She joined the Corps after that.

5. Deathstroke:

Deadpool Versions

DC’s Deathstroke was the reason that Marvel created Deadpool. It’s not a secret that Marvel heavily borrowed from the DC character but he has evolved into his own person through the years. So it was quite a treat for fans when Joe Kelly took the idea of this “borrowing” trend and created an Antimatter Universe where Deathstroke has a smart mouth, super-healing and talking to himself a lot.

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