The Secrets of Dumbledore Trailer 2 Hints At The Legendary Duel Between Dumbledore and Grindelwald

After a promising opening and a shaky sequel, the Fantastic Beasts franchise is ready to deliver its third installment, ‘The Secrets of Dumbledore’. The second trailer for the film was dropped by Warner Brothers on Monday and there’s a lot to unpack here. First, watch The Secrets of Dumbledore trailer 2:

Judging from the title of the film, the audience can expect that the plot will be focused largely on Albus Dumbledore. Seeing how Dumbledore did not have much to do in the second movie, we can expect to see him in action this time. After all, he is the only wizard who can stop Grindelwald from wreaking havoc on the entire wizarding world.


Secrets of Dumbledore Trailer 2

The last film revealed that the biggest reason Dumbledore has remained passive in the war against Grindelwald is a blood pact that was made years ago. However, the dynamic changed when Newt stole the blood pact from Grindelwald. Another major reveal in the second installment was the real identity of Credence Barebone. In the film, Grindelwald claimed that Credence was actually Albus’s younger brother and named him Aurelius Dumbledore.


The second trailer for ‘The Secrets of Dumbledore’ begins with a voiceover from an older Albus Dumbledore talking about the importance of memories while looking into the Pensieve. The trailer shows a glimpse of Hogwarts with Dumbledore receiving news about Grindelwald, who is still running his propaganda around the world. In the three-minute-long trailer, we get a lot of information on the content of the movie. This time, Dumbledore has asked Newt to lead a team of wizards and a muggle to face Grindelwald’s followers. The film will also explore the role of the wizarding world in World War 2, as it is set in the 1930s.


While most of the original cast members can be seen in the trailer, we also have a few new additions. Actor Richard Coyle is playing Aberforth Dumbledore, and Jessica Williams will be coming in as a new character and teacher at Ilvermony school, Lalie Hicks. Dan Fogler, who plays the role of the fan-favorite character, Jacob Kowalski, might have some great moments in this film as well. The trailer reveals that his character will receive a wand this time, which is both shocking and exciting. On the other hand, Katherine Waterstone, who has played the character of Tina Goldstein in the first two films does not appear in the trailer. This could mean that her character is being kept under wraps and could have an interesting arc in the film.


Secrets of Dumbledore Trailer 2

One of the biggest changes in this film that is creating a lot of buzz is the casting of Mads Mikkelsen as Grindelwald, after Johnny Depp was fired by Warner Brothers. This change has become a huge threat for the film as many viewers are unhappy with it. Although Depp played the character extremely well in the previous films, it would be interesting to see what Mikkelsen brings to the screen and how he manages to make the character his own. Another controversial change that can be noticed in the trailer is that author JK Rowling’s name has been added and given multiple credits. This is different than the previous trailer that shamefully omitted the creator’s name due to certain controversial tweets.


If you have read the Harry Potter books, you must be aware that the archenemies, Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald, have a complex past as they were close as teenagers. Their friendship led to major chaos and even the demise of an important character. The threequel will reveal some crucial details about the life of Albus Dumbledore and his relationship with Gellert Grindelwald. From the trailer, we can expect to see the legendary duel between the two that would change the course of the wizarding world. However, we are not sure how much of this back story will be explored in this installment as there are still two more films to go. Nevertheless, the audience has been promised an action-packed adventure with loads of magic and fantastic beasts.


Since the release of the film was delayed significantly, there’s a lot of anticipation in the fans. Watch the second trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore here and the film in theatres on April 15, 2022.

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