5 Spiderman Villains of All Times

Villains in all forms are good and really give a run to the superhero, however, there are some villains that we would love to see in future Spiderman franchise. No, not the ones that have already been featured, we are talking about villains who have appeared in comic books but haven’t had a chance to come on the big screen. Here we have listed 5 top villains we would love to see the fight against our favorite superhero:

1. Venom:

1 spiderman villains

Yes, I did say we don’t want any villain to repeat on the screen which has already been featured, but the reason we want Venom to feature again is for the sole reason that he was one bad ass guy who acquired Spiderman’s darker side and was a deadly match to Spiderman with similar powers. The movie did not explore the role in the right manner, but just about integrated Venom in the script. What we would like to see is a solo villain of Venom.

2. Mysterio:


We wouldn’t know how many of you are aware of Mysterio, but he is one good guy that turned to a bad guy only for the reason of fame. Mysterio, Quentin Beck’s background in special effects, hypnotism, and chemistry allow him to create a variety of mind-blowing but convincing illusions and various gadgets that give Spiderman a run for his money and of course life. His true mystic look comes from the fish bowl headgear, this in itself shows how crazy he can get.

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