Spider-Man 2 Might Have Spoiled How Doc Ock is Returning In No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released in theatres worldwide in less than two weeks and the excitement for the project is at its peak. Fans are waiting to see the culmination of the trilogy that was started by the first Spider-Man solo venture with Spider-Man: Homecoming. There are a lot of reasons why this might actually be one of the most exciting projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie might see something that has never been dealt with before in any superhero movie. It is exciting to see that we are getting a Multiverse project around a character that has had many successful adaptations over the years. This has allowed a chance for the movie to bring back some of the most fan-favorite characters in Spider-Man history. There is a chance that how Doc Ock is returning in Spider-Man: No Way Home might have been spoilt by the villain’s arc in Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

One of the biggest things about the upcoming Spider-Man movie has to be the fact that we will get to see certain actors reprise villains we had previously seen in the franchise. This was first announced back during the casting of the film and one of the first confirmed returns was Alfred Molina’s return as Doc Ock. The return is made possible by a botched spell that was supposed to make everyone forget about Spider-Man’s true identity. Doc Ock was originally one of the best Spider-Man villains in the most beloved movies based on the character. While the upcoming movie will explain how Doc Ock arrives in the MCU, we might have known it all along.


Doc Ock’s Fate In Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 is still considered one of the biggest superhero movies as the story dealt with a perfect balance in the Spider-Man world. Dr. Otto Octavius actually turns evil because his mechanical arms convince him that the failed experience with the fusion reactor might still work out. Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man goes to stop him because he realizes that the fusion reactor which actually looks like a miniaturized version of the sun might be dangerous for New York City. In the process of stopping Doc Ock, Spider-Man ends up bringing his conscience and so the villain now realizes he has to drown the fusion reactor in the river so that he can stop it. This is the end of the villains as we see him drowning in the water along with the fusion reactor. 


The Fusion Reactor Might Pave The Way For Doc Ock’s Return

This might have actually paved the way for No Way Home to give them the perfect opportunity to bring this iconic villain back. The fusion reactor could be the perfect path to bring the character back as the movie gives us hints at the power of the reactor but never clearly explains what it might cause. Molina himself confirmed that the character will be continued right from the very moment where he is seen drowning in the river.


How Doc Ock is returning

During the panel on Saturday for Spider-Man: No Way Home, Alfred Molina talked about how he was confused about the idea of bringing his character back. He had pointed out, “I died”, but the director told him, “In this universe, no one really dies.” Molina was explained by Watts that the narrative of the character will be picked from “that moment” in the river, which does sound plausible enough.


The yellow fusion reactor seems like the absolutely possible way for Doc Ock’s return. This light was also seen when Venom was transported into the MCU at the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage. We might actually get to see some repurposed footage from Spider-Man 2 considering the director of this project will be making his debut into the MCU by directing the Doctor Strange sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 


Marvel has been known for repurposing footage and this was done in the case of Avengers: Endgame where we saw certain moments from The Avengers and various other movies where the character time-traveled to. If this theory fits into how Doc Ock makes his return in No Way Home we are still left wondering how the other villains might make a return.


We can only expect a clear explanation when Spider-Man: No Way Home comes out in theatres worldwide on December 17.

It stars Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Tony Revolori, Martin Starr, J.B. Smoove, Marisa Tomei, J.K. Simmons, Jon Favreau, Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx, Rhys Ifans, Thomas Haden Church and possibly, the previous two Spider-Men.

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