15 Surprising Things You Might Not Know About Jumanji

Jumanji- The 1995 fantasy-adventure flick which was an adaptation of the book of the same name, needs no introduction. The movie is very popular among the 90’s kids.Take a look at these 15 unexpected things you might not know about Jumanji.

1) Scarlett Johansson originally auditioned for the role of Judy, but the filmmakers gave the role to Kirsten Dunst instead.


2) Jonathan Hyde, the actor who played the evil poacher, also played the part of Alan’s dad, leading fans to suggest the poacher is a figment of Alan’s imagination.


3) The word “Jumanji” is a Zulu word that means “many effects.”


4) The film is based on a children’s book published in 1981 by Chris Van Allsburg.



5) Chris Van Allsburg also wrote the original picture book of The Polar Express.


6) The Jumanji board from the film sold on eBay for $60,800.



7) During filming in Vancouver, the crew had to melt snow off the lawn of the Parrish house for one shot, then truck fresh snow in from the mountains for a shot of the house at Christmas.


8) The set of the Parrish house was so huge that the actors couldn’t walk out of the front door without hitting a wall.



9) While filming the stunt where the monkeys steal a police car, stuntwoman Betty Thomas lost control of the car and hit a tree at 60mph. Luckily she wasn’t injured.



10) Director Joe Johnston had to plead with paparazzi who filmed the accident to not to release it to the news.



11) There was a rumor that an elephant was killed during one of the Jumanji stampede scenes, but in fact, no live animals were used – it was all CGI.


12) Although the studio did suggest training a herd of rhinos to stampede through balsa wood, the filmmakers thought better of the idea.



13) Kirsten Dunst was 13 when she filmed Jumanji.



14) Even though Judy is meant to be Peter’s older sister, and she’s much taller than him in the film, Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce (who played Peter) were only six months apart in age.



15) Dunst and Pierce also played siblings in the movie The Siege at Ruby Ridge.

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