5 Most Evil Female Characters From Marvel Universe

When it comes to being a badass villain, the women from the Marvel universe can surely show that they’re no less than any Magneto or Doctor Doom. With great powers and a bad attitude, these girls can take any town and paint it red. Blood red. Here is a list of 5 such characters who are really good at what they do, and what they do is totally bad:

Emma Frost

She is first seen as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club in the X-Men series ‘The Dark Phoenix’ where they try to take control of Jean, the plan backfires greatly though. Later she is rescued by the X-Men and eventually joins the team, playing a prominent role. She probably has a longer romantic relationship with Cyclops than even Jean Grey.

Lady Deathstrike

Well, she has to be one of the most prominent foes of the X-Men. Having the same powers of having n adamantium skeleton, Lady Deathstrike can sure be a mouthful, even for the likes of Wolverine, who almost had his ass kicked by her in X-2.


Mystique is the leader of the Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants, with her shape shifting capabilities and great physical prowess, she’s a great asset to whichever side she’s playing for, be with Xavier or Magneto, sure is hell bent on saving her mutant race. One such time is when she has to kill her own son, Graydon, in order to save the mutants. Graydon is an anti-mutant terrorist group’s leader. Naturally becoming Mystique’s adversary, hence naturally being dead.


She was born around 10,000 B.C. This mutant-controlled her entire tribe so that they could sacrifice themselves to keep her young. She joined the Hellfire Club, the villains of the X-Men when she came to New York. Since then she’s been nothing but a formidable foe for the team.

Dark Phoenix


Jean Grey after saving her team and dying comes back as the Phoenix. From being the weakest member of the team she comes back as an entirely new and strong person, however, her powers are not in her control, even so, that the Hellfire club tried to manipulate her into becoming one with their team, but they failed and eventually, she became the Dark Phoenix. She was so strong that she destroyed an entire solar system. After which she killed herself to save the worlds from further devastation.

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