Hawkeye and Hulk Are The Two Most Important OG Avengers Left And Here’s Why

The MCU’s built on inter-connectivity. With movies like Endgame and Infinity War acting as the culmination of decades of moviemaking. It is because of this interconnectivity and setups that have lasted years that the final payoff is so satisfying. But what about the heroes who made it possible? Black Widow, Iron Man, and Captain America bid adieu to their mantles through death and retirement. Their sacrifice was not in vain. Thor left the planet with the Guardians of the Galaxy but Hawkeye and Hulk stayed behind. This makes them the Most Important OG Avengers in the MCU right now.

Avengers: Endgame Theory

Not only are these two an essential part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but they also act as the connective tissue to the older phases of the franchise. They may not have much in common other than being the OG Avengers who first assembled to defeat the Chitauri at the battle of New York but they still have roles they must play. It seems Marvel Studios is taking the approach of retiring three main characters in favor of the newer generation of heroes. Interestingly enough, we are now teetering on the edge of a problem that does not exist in the comics.


You see, when characters are on the pages of comics they are universal and undying. They don’t age and their stories and settings don’t change much. Any major changes to the character can be rolled back within the span of a few issues and with the help of some clever retconning. Marvel Comics is the master of retcons. They have done so many over the years that they are quite infamous for it in the comic community.


Most Important OG Avengers

But the problem with live-action Cinematic universes is that the characters actually age. Real-life actors are not like the eternal characters on the pages of a comic book. Neither are they like “The Phantom” a superhero whose mantle is passed down from father to son in every generation. Real-life actors are fallible. They are prone to disease and death and aging. This means that the Marvel Cinematic Universe cannot have the same cast for The Avengers all throughout its run.


There has to come a time when the younger generation takes over. It seems that Phase IV is that time. With Captain America retired, and Falcon taking over his mantle, the time is ripe for this transition. The Sacrifices of Black Widow and Iron Man signified the start of this transition. But it is Hawkeye and Banner who will be the flagbearers of the last generation going into Phase V of the MCU. Both of these characters have been absent from Phase IV movies but their story will be expanded upon in Disney+ shows Hawkeye and She-Hulk. Here both of them will take a backseat to the young heroes they are supposed to guide.


For Hawkeye, this will be Kate Bishop and for Banner, it will be Jennifer Walters. This is a clever trick by Marvel so that they can expand upon these new heroes without having to abandon old ones. Moreover, it gives the studio a chance to flesh out character arcs better than they would be able to in a movie. We just hope that these heroes have a happy ending before their younger counterparts take over their mantle. I am not sure if I have the stomach for any more tragedy in the MCU.


The Possibilities

It seems that Marvel is pushing the envelope on female empowerment with two new female heroes replacing the main cast of the Avengers. Even Shuri and Riri are slated to take over for Iron Man and Black Panther, which means that the new Avengers’ Team will be largely female. This must make a lot of people happy, including me, because I cannot wait for all these new superheroes to take the center stage.


The old guys have done their job. After the Two most important OG Avengers pass on their mantle, we would have effectively completed the first part of the transition. This would allow the next generation to completely take over and we will finally get a new Avengers movie in all of its glory. Let us know what you think about the above analysis and the transition that we mention. The Avengers will return.

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