20 Mesmerizing Pictures From Return To Hogwarts Reunion

Harry Potter franchise is the longest running studio in Hollywood. Every Potterhead grew up watching these movies and I must say we all are still rewatching them over and over again. The biggest news we got when WB announced the Return To Hogwarts reunion which is going to release on the 1st of Jan. We’re super excited for it to happen after a very long time. Check out these stunning pictures from Return To Hogwarts that will make you feel nostalgic:

1. Tom Felton And Emma Watson


2. They Look Perfect Together!

3. So Sweet!


4. Adorable!

5. Daniel Radcliffe and Helena Bonham Carter


6. Stunning!

7. The Happiness!


8. Back To The Potion Class!

9. Helena Bonham Carter With Gary Oldman


10. Wonderful!

11. Emma Watson With Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch


12. Evanna Lynch And Alfred Enoch

13. Emma Watson With Robbie Coltrane


14. Weasleys!

15. The Magic Train And Emma Watson!


16. Nostalgic!

17. Seeing Them Together Makes Me Happy!


18. Very Handsome!

19. These Two Are Back!


20. Wow!

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