Makkari vs The Flash: What Happened When These Two Ran Against Each Other?

Eternals introduced us to a whole new set of characters and it is rather surprising to see that this is only a speck of the massive number of heroes Marvel has. The movie features unique powers and abilities that give us an awesome viewing experience and further it also has some upcoming characters who will be witnessing soon. One of the coolest superhero abilities has to be that of a speedster. The MCU had a speedster with Quicksilver in Avengers: Age Of Ultron but the character had a short-lived run. But Marvel has now introduced another speedster with Makkari. It seems that Makkari has raced with the DC’s The Flash and now we’re going to see what happened when MCU’s fastest being ran against the fastest man alive. Makkari vs The Flash is certainly an exciting contest.


Eternals featured a rather interesting set of characters with their own powers and each character was able to show their capabilities in a rather interesting manner and this actually allowed for some of the most interesting scenes in the movie. Makkari’s character was the only one who had stayed back in the ship for centuries. One of the coolest things about the way Lauren Ridloff’s characters’ powers are portrayed in the movie definitely has to be the fact that we don’t see a slow-motion version of her running. We do see her in action quite a lot with various scenes and she seems to hold her place against Ikaris.


Makkari vs The Flash

We have witnessed various speedsters in the superhero world with 20th Century Fox’s rendition of Quicksilver giving us some of the most awesome-looking scenes. The slow-motion sequences were one of the major highlights of those X-Men films. But DC also has its own speedster with the fan-favorite Barry Allen. The character has been one of the most essential parts of the DC universe and has appeared in various forms of media over the years. Most excitingly we will get a solo venture for the character soon. But do you know there was a time when Makkari and a character who was intended to be Flash raced each other?


Makkari vs ‘Buried Alien’

We were introduced to a rather familiar speedster in Quasar #17, by Mark Gruenwald and Mike Manley. Here we got to see a figure bathed in light run past the cosmically supercharged Quasar who was studying Earth from space. Later Quasar and Makkari chase him down and discover the Runner. But that’s not all as the Runner challenged Makkari to a race across the globe. Earth’s faster heroes and villains Quicksilver, Spectrum. Speed Demon, Super Sabre, and Black Racer all join in on a race that would clearly determine who is the fastest in the world.


Makkari manages to succeed in the race until a mystery man with a blonde bear appears out of nowhere and joins the race. He instantly ends up outrunning several of the rivals. When the character reaches Makkari he is not even bothered by the stakes and clears the finishing line. The Runner gets rather impressed by the man who simply calls himself “Buried Alien”. We don’t even get to know anything about the character and he is taken to the galactic marathon after being declared as the victor.


Makkari vs The Flash

‘Buried Alien’ is clearly an imitation of Barry Allen, who we all know as Flash and former made his debut in the Marvel Universe merely a few years after the conclusion of DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. There is a massive chance that “Buried Alien” is actually a version of Flash who made it through to the crisis and got inside the Marvel Universe. The character took the name FastForward and had various interactions with Makkari. But FastForward clearly established the fact that Flash is the quickest man living in any universe even when he is up against the Eternal, Makkari.

Who do you think will win in a live-action Makkari vs the Flash race? Let us know.

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