How Marvel Wasted Some Insanely Strong Eternals In The Movie

The Marvel Cinematic Universe decided to explore its cosmic side with the release of Eternals. This movie focuses on the race of cosmic beings known as Eternals who were created by the Celestials. Arishem the Judge created these beings in the world forge as synthetic lifeforms that would never evolve. Their purpose was to fight against the Deviants and allow intelligent life to thrive and prosper. These complex beings and some of them are inconceivable strong. Yet, Marvel wasted some insanely strong Eternals in the movie.

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Marvel Studios made some controversial choices with the movie, to say the least. They altered the comic origins of the characters to a certain degree. But the most controversial choice of all was killing off a bunch of strong Eternals in the middle of the movie. It seems that even Chloe Zhao realized that not all Eternals we’re necessary for telling the story. She sought to use the Deviant thread to thin the Eternal crowd.


This was done by killing off some of the stronger members of the team. One of these was Ajak, who was the leader of Eternals. The second member to die at the start was Gilgamesh. You see, the Eternals were divided into two groups in the movie, those who could fight and those who could not. Thena, Gilgamesh, Ikaris, and Makkari were the main combatants. While people like Sersi and Phastos we’re more suited to helping mankind grow. The idea behind killing the powerful Eternals was to raise the stakes for the final battle.


Insanely Strong Eternals

However, even the final twist of Eternals was not what we expected it to be. The movie turned Ikaris into a villain and suddenly the protagonists of our story seemed powerless against the will of the cosmos. There was no way that the ragtag team that was left could fend off Ikaris, especially with Thena suffering for Mahd W’yry. The idea was to nerf everyone who could do something because the Eternals were so overpowered from the start.


This may have seemed like a good idea in the writer’s room but onscreen it came off as arbitrary. We believe there was no need to waste these characters. The entire movie could have worked just as well without the introduction of Eternal Dementia. Not to mention that the only character who connected with the audience was Gilgamesh, so killing him might have been Eternals’ greatest mistake. He was endearing and funny, his humor was dry and he was unmatched in power.


This character had the potential to carry the film on his shoulder, literally, but marvel chose to kill him off. It is quite unfortunate that things worked out like this. We saw so much potential in the character. Maybe the studio should consider making a prequel TV show about the Eternals set in a time before the emergence. This would allow us to explore each of these interesting characters in-depth. Maybe the people at Marvel would read this and pick up on the idea. Share this as much as you can so that we get an #Eternalshow.


The Possibilities

Regardless of how things came to be it has to be assessed whether these insanely Strong Eternals fit the larger narrative of the MCU. Up until now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made it work by avoiding complex plots and sticking to bare bone storylines. They focus on the CGI and comic lore and let everything else fall in place. That was the idea here too but things seem to have taken a very different turn. With the death of Ajak, Gilgamesh, and the presumed death of Ikaris, it will be interesting to see how this immortal race battles the Celestials.


They might not be able to live up to their resolve of protecting the earth if things keep going in the same direction. As of now, the Eternals have lost their leader, have angered their Gods, and lost two of their strongest fighters. This means that they must band together in the next movie if they wish to destroy their foes. It not going to be an easy task. Will they be successful in their endeavor? Let us know what you think about this in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. EXCELSIOR!!!

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