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10 Things About The Eternals Leader Ajak Only Hardcore Fans Will Know

Ajak is one of the oldest Eternals in the comics. He came to exist at around 2500 BC and was a creation of the Celestials. The Eternals has interacted with a lot of human civilizations throughout our history and he has done a lot of amazing things. Seeing as we are soon to get an Eternals movie, we compiled a list of 10 things about the Eternals Leader Ajak only hardcore fans will know. Take a look:

Rule 63

Rule 63 of the Internet says, “There is a gender-flipped version of it” and that is the application we see with Ajak in the MCU. Although the original character is male in the comics, the one appearing in the MCU is female. There does not seem to be any other difference in the character right now but I am sure we will come across some more when the movie comes out.

The Unlimited Power

The Ace in the hole with Ajak is his ability of molecular manipulation. He has the capability to disassemble entire structures on an atomic level. This is truly terrifying when put into the current context of the MCU. We currently have no hero or villain that can compete with that kind of power. He also has a blessing of the power cosmic, and he is also able to communicate directly with the celestials which is a rare gift, even among the Eternals.

The True Leader

Eternals Leader Ajak

Ajak has led the Eternals time and again in the comics and it seems that this is the trend that will be followed in the MCU too. Although, the movie will also feature Icarus and Angelina Jolie’s Thena, characters who also have leadership potential. But it is assumed that Ajak will prevail over all other choices because it is assumed that the Celestials will be making an appearance and the only one who can handle them is Ajak.

God Squad

Marvel has a habit of using established religious lore to make comic characters. They have done so many times, most notably with the Norse pantheon. Ajak has worked alongside the fictional version of these deities and even assisted the “God Squad” at one time. This is a fictional Superhero God team led by Marvel’s version of Hercules who was very active during Secret Invasion. It might be interesting to see some of these characters join Ajak in the MCU.

The Polar Eternals

Only the real comic fans will know that Ajak is actually part of The Polar Eternals. These are ancient beings that can trace their origin directly from the Celestials and also some inbreeding. The race is full of powerful creatures that came to be viewed as deities by ancient civilizations. Even Ajak disguised himself as an Aztec God for a little while and even welcomed the Celestials to earth in their third host.

Beast Mode

Only true comic fans would know that Ajak was once transformed into a rampaging beast when Doctor Damian betrayed him. The good doctor used ancient celestial technology to turn him into a violent animal who was controlled by the doctor. The beast was sent to devour the other Eternals but was released from his suffering by the weight of his grief. A truly tragic story to witness.

First Family

Eternals Leader Ajak

Ajak used to live in Polaria with Mother Amaa and Father Rakar. He also has a brother known as Ajak the lesser or Arex. Arex is a frequent antagonist in the stories about Ajak. But the brotherly rivalry aside the entire family is very powerful. Ajak used to serve as a celestial Priest in his early life which is considered to be one of the highest honors. They were happy and they had incredible power, though it is unlikely that this version will appear in the MCU.

God Battle

Ajak is a fan of testing his might, Mortal Kombat style. The Eternal cannot perish so he enjoys his gifts in other ways. He has fought a lot of different Gods, including Thor. Zeus the All-Father has also challenged Eternals before, only to be struck down by Ajak. We hope to see these battles translate over to the MCU, I mean who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned God Battle.

Influencing History

As I mentioned before Ajak is a very old person. He has existed since time immemorial and during his existence, he has taken up the role of many Gods. This has resulted in his actions affecting human history. It can even be said that the Eternal is responsible for influencing our history and shaping humankind in more than one way.

City of Space Gods

As we discussed before Ajak used to be a celestial priest. This means his connection with the Celestials is solid. He is also one of the few beings capable of having an actual conversation with the Celestials. This makes him a rather rare commodity and also means that he is way closer to the City of Space Gods than any other Eternal. This is a city where the celestials and Deities live, beyond the capacity of perception of Humans.

Did you know of these facts about the Eternals Leader Ajak? Let us know.

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