WB Just Released A Batman And Superman ‘Bromance’ Trailer For Justice League

Justice League was supposed to be this massive, record-breaking blockbuster that would have set the stage for DCEU to expand and branch out into newer avenues. DC fans after a prolonged losing streak (except Wonder Woman) was banking on the success of JL as it featured some of the most popular and beloved DC superheroes, but it fell way short of expectations. Having said that, there was definitely an improvement from the previous movies as it was certainly a step in the right direction.

The Director change might have either worked for the movie, or it might have been the downfall of the movie, but still, the coming of Joss Whedon did, in fact, make the movie a lot funnier than Zack Snyder would have made it. Snyder did intend for the movie to be a little light-hearted and have a tonal difference from the previous 2 movies he directed, but Joss Whedon added quips that made people laugh off a lot. Now, with the coming of BluRay next month, Justice League just released a Batman and Superman Bromance trailer.

Its funny how just one movie ago, Batman was trying kill Superman and the entire movie was spent on their rivalry as both these individuals had agendas that were opposed by the two. Batman was fighting to kill Superman as he was afraid that if Superman goes rogue and decides to go against the people of Earth, there would be no one to stop him, so he was getting his counter measures ready.

While Superman did not like Batman taking the law into his own hands and tried to oppose that. But, at the end both of them were being played by Lex Luthor as he pits the two against each other. But when Batman found out that he was wrong all this time and Luthor was behind all this, he saved Sups’ mom and the two became buddies until Superman sacrificed himself.

Then Justice League became all about forming the team and bringing back Superman. The new Bromance trailer shows how important it is for Bruce to bring Superman back because he is the one who could really lead the team. The trailer focuses on Batman being really fascinated by what Superman can do and Superman being impressed by what Batman can do. It reveals Batman sort of has a man crush on Superman.

How, ironically things changed in this Universe as Batman went from Killer to Lover, even though he might not admit it. All the quips shown in this trailer were certainly the work of Joss Whedon. One of the favourite Batman and Superman moments of the movie was when Superman comes in to the final battle and tells Batman that “I knew you didn’t bring me back ‘cause you liked me”, to which Batman replies, “I Don’t, Not!”.

Then later on Clark Asks from Bruce that how did he manage to get the house back from the Bank and Bruce just replies, “I Bought The Bank”. We would surely love to see more of these brotherly moments happen among these two in the future movies as Batman and Superman is one of the biggest and greatest duos in the entire Superhero genre and the respect between the two is immense.

Fans would have loved to see more in this movie as it was shortened because WB made it mandatory for Joss Whedon to bring it down to 2 hours or under. The Snyder cut was supposed to have 45 minutes of extra footage that might have had more great moments of the movie, more story and plot for the movie, but who knows if that cut of the movie would have saved the movie or turned it into a disaster.

The BluRay version for Justice League comes out next month and Justice League has got its digital release this month with 2 minutes of extra footage added to the movie’s throughout run. We would have been really grateful if an extended cut of the movie was released, but we are not getting one, so we should be happy with what we are getting as it was also fun.

Here’s the Bromance trailer for Justice League. Have a look:

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