The Biggest Plot Hole of Squid Game Has To Be Explained in Season 2

Only some shows have been able to achieve the viral status that Netflix‘s Squid Game has got to. That too in such a short while with only one season. The show is supposed to be about a competition in which participants play children’s games. But the only problem is that the penalty for losing is death. That is the whole gambit of Squid Game. The show seeks to surprise us with strange new circumstances. But we are much too clever for the show. You see, we have uncovered the biggest plot hole of Squid Game.

Read on to see our analysis of the show and how things have unfolded. The show itself works on a shaky premise. An international organization has been recruiting people who are in severe debt and offering them an opportunity to play in a game of death. The upside to this is that they are offered copious amounts of price money if they win any of these games. On the other hand, if they break the rules they lose their life. It is a harrowing premise but also a simple one since it makes the deaths feel more tragic.


The audience knows all these people are scumbags. Hell, the creators do a really good job of portraying the character of fleshing out the bad nature of Gi-Hun in the first ten minutes. He scams his mother out of her own money and then steals her credit card. This cements the life quality of these players. Even though w know that these people are the lowest of the low, we still get invested in them and that is where the beauty of the show comes from. The story is generic, the way it is presented, is not.


The Biggest Plot Hole of Squid Game

Even though these characters should never be loved by an audience, we slowly come to realize that each of them has a past. An inescapable nightmare that has made them into monsters. The Squid Game is about finding out who is the biggest monster of them all. However the shoemaker glaze over one very important point throughout the series. The international organization that is responsible for organizing the games is just too well hidden.


They seem to have been running this operation for quite a while. The records uncovered by the policeman showed us that they organize the games multiple times a year. This means that they also give out the prize money multiple times a year and there have been a lot of Winners of the game. It would not be easy for any organization to keep such an outflow of funds under the wraps. Moreover, it is very peculiar that none of these winners has gone to the cops. We understand that most of these people are greedy low-life but there are also people like Gi-Hun and Ali.


These people are the saving grace of the crowd. They may not be perfect or more even good but they choose to rise above evil. There have to have been more such people. These two could not have been the only ones who wanted to play fair. What happened to these people? We’re they silenced by the organization when they tried to speak up. We see that Gi-Hun was brought back by the host so we can be sure that the organization keeps an eye on the winners. So it is not unlikely to think that they may also assassinate these individuals once they try to become whistleblowers.


Squid Game Season 2

Whatever the case might be, Squid Game season 2 needs to address this plot hole. There is no way such a large operation could be kept underground for this long. There are just too many moving parts to control everything. Maybe we will get a revelation that some high-level international agency has been tracking the organization all along. An effective undercover cop story may be a better choice for the second season of the show. Although we do not even know whether Squid Game will get a season 2.


This was the biggest plot hole of Squid Game. What do you think of our analysis and our speculation of the future? Does it seem plausible or does it make no actual sense? Let us know in the comments below.

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