Stranger Things: The Upside Down Could Be Earth From The Future

Stranger Things on Netflix has definitely made itself popular amongst the masses due to the brilliant performances by the stars and also the nostalgia-filled storylines. The series has some of the best monster battle sequences. There are moments from the series that is absolutely spine-chilling but at the same time, the audience is also treated to moments of pure gold as the kid’s group together fight against these moments. The idea of an upside-down world is quite a unique concept that is brilliantly executed throughout the series. This keeps the scare going as the entire upside-down world is not explored right away and only the right amount is revealed to us from time to time with each season. But is there more than what is being shown to the eyes in the series? There is a possibility that the Upside Down could be Earth in a post-apocalyptic future.

The Upside Down

The first season of Stranger Things introduced us to the town of Hawkins, Indiana, where we saw a portal to another dimension was opened during an experiment. This experiment was taking place in the Hawkins Laboratory which will play a massive role through the series. The entirety of the narrative of the first season is navigated as Will Byers played by Noah Schnapp disappears and Eleven played by Millie Bobby Brown appears in the town. 


This is only the beginning as we are then introduced to the Upside Down along with some of the creatures that live there. The second Season then explored what effects the return from Upside Down had on Will Byers. Then in Season 3 things expanded way much more as we discover that the Hawkins Lab wasn’t the only one interested in the Upside Down. The Russians had also placed their own lab underneath the Starcourt Mall in order to study the Upside Down and its creatures.


One of the essential things is the fact that through these three seasons we have been told a lot about Upside Down and yet there remains a massive mystery clouding the entire place. The place is often depicted as a dark mysterious version of the world. But hardly anything is ever told about how this place came to be, how did the portals arrive and what other animals exist in this dimension. One can clearly see from the visuals of Upside Down that it is actually a rendition of the real world itself but more like a toxic copy of it.


The Upside Down was first discovered by the scientists at Hawkins Lab when Eleven establishes contact with a Demogorgon while being in the void. This encounter is what leads to the opening of a portal for allowing these creatures to enter the human world. The Demogorgon moves between its dimension and earth by making certain wounds in the space-time fabric. Everything that exists in this place is absolutely rotten or destroyed or somewhat ruined. But it does look habitable with sufficient survival skills. The Upside Down could actually be described as a decaying version of the human world.


The Theory – The Upside Down Could Be Earth

The theory suggests that Upside Down could actually be the post-apocalyptic version of the human world. This comes from the idea that Eleven didn’t actually open a portal to a dimension but she took them to a distant future of Hawkins itself. This future is rather dark, depressing, and abandoned.

There are various versions of this theory that explore the various possibilities of what could have been and how these things might have worked out. The primary of these indicates that Hawkins could have been nuked when the US government was trying to kill the Mind Flayer and other monsters that were being experimented on by the Laboratory. The dark and desolate future could be due to the nuclear holocaust. Even the recent trailers have hinted at time travel. In one of the teasers, we are shown a grandfather clock in an attic, and when it shifts to the Upside Down glass on the clock breaks. This could actually indicate a fracture in time.


These are all cool theories and could actually lead to interesting storylines but at the same time, it might affect the story that has been shown to us so far. This theory might actually make for quite an uninteresting solution to the series and a rather disappointing ending. The series would require properly explain these things in order to give us a genuine ending for Stranger Things.

So do you think that the Upside Down could be Earth from a post-apocalyptic future? Let us know your thoughts on this theory in the comments.

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