How Iron man Actually Won the Civil War in MCU

Captain America: Civil War is one of the most controversial movies of the MCU as it sees the two biggest heroes of the franchise, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, go head-to-head. The movie may have ended with Team Captain America winning but this new easter egg in Ms Marvel says otherwise. This easter egg is all the proof one needs to conclude that Team Cap may have won the battle, but Team Iron Man won the war. So, finally, the debate is over regarding the civil war in MCU because everything that Tony fought for, happened anyway!

Civil War in MCU

2016’s Captain America: Civil War saw the government introduce the Sokovia Accords that promised to control and regulate the activities of enhanced individuals. This was MCU’s equivalent of the Superhuman Registration Act from the Civil War comics. The Accords aimed at registering the enhanced individuals and regulating their activities. This created tension among the Avengers, which led to them dividing into two groups. One group, led by Iron Man, wanted to enforce the Accords, while the other group, led by Cap, wanted to maintain the independent status of superheroes.


The two groups had engaged in some pretty intense scenes, but Team Cap emerged victorious. However, the Accords still went ahead and became a thing, so technically, Team Iron Man won. Then again, most members of the team died during the battle against Thanos. As for Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman’s tragic passing also means that the new contender for his title is not yet registered. But ever since that movie, MCU never mentioned the Sokovia Accords. Nor did we see anyone enforcing it, except in WandaVision. However, a subtle easter egg in Ms Marvel settled the debate once and for all.



The third episode of Disney+’s Ms Marvel, titled, Destined, is out and it continues to feature the DoDC in action. They are trying to find the person impersonating Night Light, and want to check if she is a friend or a foe. This episode sees them as they narrow their investigation to Kamala’s mosque and even tried to search the place. This continues what they have been doing in the MCU, persecuting Wanda and Peter Parker. While many are arguing that they have swayed from the purpose, we think that enforcing the Sokovia Accords is one of their duties as well. Ms Marvel features them looking for Kamala because she is yet to be registered, and her actions can be categorized as a felony.


Department of Damage Control was a creation of Tony Stark after the destruction of New York in 2012’s Avengers. So, it seems almost fitting that his department enforces the Accords that he supported. Plus, their jurisdiction in enforcing the Accords also maintains the understanding between their employees. Once they register a superhero, cleaning up after his/her messes becomes a part of their job. So, we might see them registering Kamala by the end of the show. Because of the way she causes damage, it’s only a matter of time before she hurts someone and causes damage.


Seeing the Sokovia Accords enforced, opens our eyes to the politics in the MCU. Despite many superheroes standing against it, the government went ahead with it anyway. This signifies that even though Captain won the Airport battle and the battle with Tony afterward, Tony still managed to win the war. And just as Cap warned, these Accords are turning up to be a menace. They are using Stark Tech drones to locate people and they are entering places of worship with no warrants. Not to mention the fact that they did so with not even a single ounce of respect. This goes to show that Steve might have been right but his supporters just lost the debate.


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