How Season 4 Should Fix The Hopper Mistake From Stranger Things Season 3

Netflix has been able to gather a larger audience with content that is memorable for people all across the world. Stranger Things is one such show that has been able to give us this experience. The show has some of the best moments and a fan-favorite cast of characters. This show stands for people of all ages considering the way it holds nostalgia for people who actually lived as kids around the ’80s. Often the series references some of the adventure movies with kids from the ’80s to ’90s and can be called a proper tribute to them. Similar to other projects the series also has its best and a little less than best moments. One of the examples of the latter could be the way David Harbour’s character Hopper was treated in Season 3. Let’s look at how Season 4 could actually fix the Hopper mistake from Stranger Things Season 3.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is primarily about the way the kids deal with the adventures related to the upside-down world. The latter unleashes monsters to the world in order to take over Earth. The primary characters of the kids have Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven who has strong powers that she is still trying to grasp control over. She is yet to get a full grasp of her potential in order to defeat the evils that she and her friends will confront. While the kids try to take the action into their own hands another interesting duo includes Hopper and Winona Rider’s Joyce Byers who act as the parent figure to these kids. They often end up being some of the only responsible adults around the kids.


Hopper Mistake from Stranger Things Season 3

Hopper became a fan-favorite character with his portrayal in seasons 1 and 2. But the problem fans faced regarding the character was with the way he was portrayed in the third season. The character has many negative aspects throughout the season. He behaved rather mean to Eleven and Finn Wolfhard’s Mike. Added to that his rather distant behavior with his longtime confidant Joyce Byers. He was killed off during the Starcourt battle sequence. This left us with a nasty aftertaste for the character as his last memory is clearly being mean and strict to the people around him. Additionally, fans had a strong feeling that he was killed off too soon without giving any strong justification for his rather unusual behavior throughout the season.


Fixing The Character

Hopper mistake from Stranger Things 

This is not exactly how fans would have wanted to be the last memory for his character considering all the growth that he was given through the earlier seasons. With the teaser showing us Hopper will be returning we can clearly expect him to be redeemed for the fans. The death in season 3 was clearly a fakeout as we saw him stuck in Russia at a high-security prison. The showrunners cannot just ignore the way the character was dealt with previously. We can expect a massive improvement in his character’s relationship with the others. The circumstances hinted in the upcoming season might actually lead us to a tough and resilient person of Hopper.


One of the ways that he can be redeemed could be a possible team-up. For example, season 1 showed us a rather mean version of Steve Harrington played by Joe Keery. But things changed completely for his character as he was redeemed in season 2 of the series as he teamed up with Dustin. We can expect Hopper to be a part of one such duo so that fans can witness the charming and cordial sides of the character instead of the brash and stubborn version. His duo could include the possible friendship he has with Joyce.


Hopper mistake from Stranger Things 

An essential part of season 2 of the series was the slow-growing romantic relationship between Hopper and Joyce. This was quite harshly left out in the next season amongst all the other errors the season had in itself. We don’t know much about the next season so we can only expect it to include his breakout from the gulag and then repair his relationship with Eleven and Joyce.


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