New Theory Reveals the Secret Of The Box From Spider-Man No Way Home

A most recent experiment of the MCU is the What If…? series. The show focuses on alternate realities where things have gone slightly differently at some point in the sacred timeline. The main emphasis of a story like this is to highlight and blow up the butterfly effect. Alternate realities are basically a get out of jail free card for the writers. They can do whatever they want without any lasting consequences. However, we think that Marvel may have revealed the secret of the box from Spider-Man: No Way Home in the finale of What If…?.

Redditor u/TheZburator posted this theory in r/MarvelTheories. Take a gander at the theory then I will break down the implications of what the Redditor is saying. Bear in mind that this theory will have Potential Spoilers for both What If…? and Spider-Man No Way Home. The box that is being talked about in the post by the Redditor is the same one from the trailer of No Way Home. It’s the same one that Strange is holding. Now there has been widespread speculation about the true identity of Strange in the trailer, many believe that it is actually Strange Supreme that is battling Spidey.

Box From Spider-Man No Way Home

If that is true then the box from No Way Home has to be related to the What If…? show somehow. There has to be a connection one way or the other. We have a few ways to make that connection and we are going to share our speculation with you down below. Let us know if you think my theory is plausible. Even if it is not, I promise you that this is one of the most interesting premises I have ever come across.


The Secret Of The Box From Spider-Man No Way Home

The Secret Of The Box From Spider-Man No Way Home is that the Box contains the pocket dimension from the end of What If…? The pocket dimension where Killmonger and Zola-Ultron are locked in a battle for control over the stones. With Ultron dead, the nanobots that made up his armor don’t have a master. Owing to this both Zola and Killmonger have found a way into the system. The problem is that Ultron’s code has no idea what to do in case of multiple hive minds.


Box From Spider-Man No Way Home

The program is stuck in a loop, and hence the infinity stones and the nanotech armor are deadlocked between the two antagonists. The Theory that the Redditor laid down suggests that not only is the Strange from No Way Home, Strange Supreme but the box in Spidey’s possession actually contains this pocket dimension. It would be pretty rad if Tom Holland ends up carrying around Killmonger and Zola. This could shift the premise of the entire movie. It could also usher in Strange Supreme in the sacred timeline.


There is also a possibility that Strange Supreme and Spidey are at odds in the trailer because Spidey may have misunderstood the situation. This would explain why Strange Supreme would pull out Peter’s Astral form. It would be difficult even for the Sorcerer Supreme to catch Spider-Man. Regardless, the premise does hold some water and will tie the entire story from What If…? into a nice knot. It will be the perfect integration of a character we have come to love in the short span of the series.


The Redemption Arc

If this is executed how we imagine it to be then this story has the potential of becoming a legendary addition to the ethos of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have no doubt in our mind that Strange Supreme wants to help save the multiverse rather than see it destroyed. His days of seeking power are long gone. Now he only seeks justice and peace, and to live his life in a prison of his own making. The redemption of the character will only come from a sustained effort of improvement.


The man can never truly atone for his reprehensible actions. But he can continue to stop others from making the same mistakes as himself. What do you think of our theory and analysis? Does it make sense? Or is it just too far-fetched? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!


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