New Hawkeye Teaser Reveals A Lot of Fresh Footage

The new Hawkeye series is set to premiere on November 24th on Disney+. We received a trailer for the series a while back but now things have started to ramp up. As marketing for Phase IV kicks into the final gear we are going to receive more frequent updates on the upcoming releases. Marvel just released a new Hawkeye teaser. This one contains never seen before footage and some nods to the movies. We have reproduced it below for your leisure, take a look:

The Teaser starts the same way that the trailer starts. With Hawkeye taking his family out for food and promising them that this would be the best Christmas ever. It has been years since Hawkeye has seen his family. Part of the reason for this is that they were snapped away and Clint Barton had taken up the role of an international on-man-army against all organized crime. But the Avengers got back together and got everyone, including Hawkeye’s family back.


This made it so the hero could take them out for Christmas. But everyone knows that when Marvel is involved Hawkeye cannot have a single day of peace. We see that things quickly escalate in the teaser as they did in the trailer. But this time we receive the narration from Barton himself who reminisces on these events while talking to Kate Bishop. The pair seem to be traveling somewhere but the plot details are left vague and unestablished, probably intentionally.


New Hawkeye Teaser

Several other things were revealed in the new Hawkeye teaser. One of these was the fact that we are now getting two episodes on November 24 just like WandaVision. With the premiere of the show being a double episode we can only wonder what the episode 2 cliffhanger is to warrant such a release pattern. Regardless, this certainly makes us happier than one measly episode for a season premiere. This teaser also included a scene with Hawkeye’s wife Laura who was missing in the last trailer.


Fans had been wondering where she was and some even speculated that she was trapped or kidnapped or simply kicked off the show. But it was nice to receive reassurance that she is alive and well. She is seen asking Clint whether he needs another day, presumably referring to how the battle in New York will take longer than expected in the Hawkeye series. It has still not been revealed who will be the main villain in the series but fans have been speculating. Many believe that Kingpin and Matt Murdock will make a comeback through Hawkeye.


Others speculate that Madam Mask will be the main antagonist of the series. Whatever the case might be, it is going to be one hell of a fight but we are sure that Hawkeye and Kate Bishop can fight through it. There is even a scene in the new teaser where Clint mocks a bunch of goons by telling them that they should have brought more men. In classic fashion, more men appear, seemingly out of nowhere and Marvel hilarity ensues. This is the formula that Marvel is used to and they seem to have created something amazing yet again.


The Fight of New York

We do not know the plot of the show beyond the fact that Ronin’s enemies are coming to attack Hawkeye and that Kate Bishop has been impersonating the hero. But we can be sure that the show will be a blast. It will bring back the old-school hand-to-hand combat style that has been missing in the MCU for quite a while. The New York vigilantes of Marvel are always the most interesting ones in the comics. We hope that an arc around that premise would be fitting for Hawkeye.


Clint Barton has been part of the fight for far too long. There is a chance that this is his last outing in the MCU. It is highly likely that Clint may permanently retire after the show or maybe even die at the end of it. The New Hawkeye teaser has us all hyped up. Let us know what you think of our analysis in the comments below. Also, keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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