Captain Marvel vs Thena: Marvel Reveals Who Would Win

Eternals will give us a whole new way to look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie will give us a whole new team of heroes. This will be unlike any other story as here the characters will be seen reuniting after various years. These heroes are supposed to be more powerful than anything we have been able to witness before in the MCU. They had existed at a time when humanity was still growing and becoming capable of wielding the resources around them. We will only be able to witness the true extent of the powers of these heroes once we get to see the feature. Recently Eternals producer set a comparison between the Eternals and Captain Marvel. He told us who would win in a Captain Marvel vs Thena matchup.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel vs Thena

The Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced us to Captain Marvel in 2019 where we got to witness a whole new level for a superhero in the MCU. She ended up being the benchmark over which the newer additions to the MCU would be compared. There were even theories that she will be able to defeat the Mad Titan all by herself. The source of her powers was identified to be the Tesseract and this clearly indicated the fact that she will be an important force to be reckoned with.


Ever since we have gotten superhero movies and their various renditions, fans have pondered the idea of who was stronger or more powerful. This was even explored in some movies and some comic books with one-on-one fights. There are various games that also explore this and we find this as quite an interesting thing to witness. Though there’s hardly any possibility that we might get to see some of the major superheroes in MCU battle each other out. But we can definitely get an insight on this from the creators involved with these projects.


Captain Marvel vs Thena

Eternals is coming out very soon and fans are already wondering what we might get to see this time around. Producer Moore was asked during a set visit to the Eternals by Screen Rant to measure Angelina Jolie’s Thena against Captain Marvel. According to him, Thena is basically Captain America with cosmic powers. He said that it is a rather tough thing to comment upon.

He replied:

I mean, when Captain Marvel goes binary, that is tough, but it would be as if Captain America– who I would argue is probably the best physical fighter– was powered by cosmic weapons, like, she’s going to be a problem, but again, Captain Marvel going binary, that’s tough. […] I mean, look, they’re obviously stronger than humans. I think you look at our amazing heroes, like Hawkeye and Black Widow wouldn’t have a problem. We didn’t want them to be too godlike because I do think you run the risk of them being less relatable. And I guess Thor’s managed that pretty well. But we don’t necessarily have a ranking system. We do think they occupy their own pocket and I do think down the line, if and when they were to intersect with other characters… that’s a fun thing to investigate.


Captain Marvel vs Thena

Most fans are looking at every trailer to explore every aspect of the powers that the Eternals possess in the movie. But it seems the movies won’t be exploring them as the godlike beings they are treated as in the comics. There have been theories clearly indicating that they could have been able to prevent the events of Avengers: Infinity War if they had been able to intervene. We are also left wondering if they will actually become part of preventing any future threats that we might get to witness in MCU.

According to Moora, the Eternals don’t seem to be very much beyond the abilities of the human superheroes. But this can still be something we might have to actually see the movie to fully accept. Eternals will release in theaters on November 5.

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