MCU Fans Think Laura Barton Was Mockingbird! Here’s Why They Might Be Right…

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing and developing ever since its inception. Marvel Studios has aimed to expand the number of their comic characters time and again. They started with only a handful and then moved on to their main heroes. Now, thirteen years down the line Marvel seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for any supporting character from the comics they can find. Amidst this chaos of desperate adaptation, there are shows like Hawkeye which tie in with the MCU lore and bring us new mysteries. After Episode 4 Fans Think Laura Barton Was Mockingbird, let us find out if they are right.

Laura Barton has been quite suspicious during the tenure of the show. For the 3 short weeks that it has been airing, we have got more questions than answers from the show. The latest string of these questions are related to Laura Barton aka Hawkeye’s wife in the series. She has been a mysterious but homely presence in the MCU ever since Avengers: Age of Ultron. But now the mystery about her has deepened even further. The most interesting part about this character is the number of layers we have seen from her. She is a loving wife, a doting mother, and also a very good tactical resource for Clint.


But how do we reconcile her position in Clint’s life with her skillset, including her German? She seems to have some skeletons in her closet that we are yet to unearth. This may happen in the next episode of Hawkeye but marvel fans have a theory brewing that is threatening to bust this case wide open beforehand. Take a look at the following tweets and see if you agree.


Fans Think Laura Barton Was Mockingbird

It is What it is


Tony Was Right All Along



Rolex Tie-In

Love Interest


Who is Mockingbird?

you might be asking this question to yourself… Mockingbird is part of the Avengers from the silver age of comics. She has been listed as one of the top 50 Avengers more than once. But in the sense of character sketch, there is not much to go by. She was a biologist who turned into a villain and then turned into a hero after coming in contact with Hawkeye. The story of Natasha in the MCU from the perspective of Hawkeye mirrors the story of Mockingbird aka Bobbi Morse from the comics.


This character had her own beat and she made the entire scene dance to it. Starting from her original appearance up til the end of the segment where she gets involved with Clint Barton. When she comes in contact with him she lets go of her nefarious ways and slopes with Hawkeye. The two even end up getting married at one point. After this, she goes to spy school and ends up joining S.H.I.E.L.D. as a wpy and then later joins the Avengers. The most interesting part of this is her involvement with Hawkeye.


She was married to the man so it is not very out of character for the fans to equate this relationship with Laura and Clint’s in the MCU. As things stand, the only person from the comics that fits all the layers of an MCU Laura Barton is Mockingbird from the comics. But why do fans think of Laura as a spy, are they even right in their assessment? Keep on reading to find out.


The Fans are right

More likely than not, the fans are absolutely right. This is because Laura has a dark past that none of us know about. She is one of those enigmatic characters in the MCU who seem plain on the surface but have more secrets than we could ever uncover. Plus, if she is Mockingbird then it would make sense that Clint would want to hide her from the world owing to her biology knowledge. This would also give Hawkeye a Mcguffin that is deeper than the watch.


We think that Laura knows a secret biomechanical weapon that can grant its user unprecedented power. This is exactly what kingpin is after and why such a ruckus has ensued. Maybe even Val is involved in the entire matter beyond just trying to murder Hawkeye. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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