Future MCU Projects Where Black Knight Could Appear Next

Eternals was actually one of the most divisive projects that we got from the MCU. There are a variety of characters that the movie ended up introducing us to. This movie might actually be the one that introduced the freshest faces to the MCU at the same time not featuring any of the existing members. Here we got to see some elements that will end up playing a significant role in the future of the franchise. Now we have a better insight into the mythology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dane Whitman was a significant addition and the post-credits scene indicated that we will get to see him transform into the Black Knight in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming MCU Projects where Black Knight could appear.


The post-credit scene for Eternals included a moment where we see Dane Whitman attempting to wield the Ebony Blade. Just as he is about to do it we hear a voice from behind asking if he is ready for that. This was later confirmed to be Mahershala Ali’s voice in the role of Blade. This clearly paves the way for Dane Whitman to appear in the upcoming Blade solo project. Dane isn’t actually associated with Blade much but it seems that the MCU has different plans for the character. We might get to see form a duo and take on the duties of the vampire hunters in the MCU. We saw Blade warn Dane Whitman about the Ebony Blade and that means that he has his own history with the Ebony Blade or some history with the Whitman family.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Multiverse of Madness will follow up on the events of the multiversal chaos that we got to witness in No Way Home. Doctor Strange will come across a variety of heroes who will end up playing some rather interesting roles in the movie. So far there have been rumors that we will get to see variants of some of the popular MCU heroes appear in the movie. There is an interesting tie-in with the concept that the Ebony Blade is a mystical weapon and Strange himself is the Master of the Mystic Arts. We might get a chance to see Strange himself discover the existence of the blade and its wielder and ask for their help. Or we might get to see a variant of Dane Whitman who might already be in full control of their being as Black Knight. This will actually allow us to gain some insight into the future of the original character in the MCU.


Moon Knight

Moon Knight might actually be the most hyped-up Marvel Studios series of the year. This is mostly because the series would mark the first time we will get a chance to explore a narrative that has never been brought to screen before. There is a lot of mystical ancient stuff that will be explored in this narrative and it is definitely going to have a much darker tone compared to most other MCU projects. These characteristics of the series actually define a lot that we might expect from a character like Black Knight. With rumors of Dracula appearing in the series, we can see Dan Whitman and Blade make their appearance too in order to catch him.


MCU Disney+ Halloween Special

We are going to get another exciting project from the MCU with the Halloween Special that is supposed to be released on Disney+. There is hardly any information about this project except for the fact that it will be set around the character of Jack Russell. Jack Russell is actually a shapeshifter who is also known as Werewolf by Night. Based on the rumor, Jack Russell is supposed to make his debut in Moon Knight. This could mean that we might end up seeing characters like Blade, Moon Knight, and the Black Knight make their appearances in the Halloween Special. There is a major possibility that this special might feature vampires and that would be an opportunity for Blade and the Black Knight.


Avengers 5

MCU Projects where Black Knight could appear

There have been hints that we are going to get a fifth Avengers film that will not include most of the original characters. The MCU has already introduced a wide variety of characters who will be seen replacing the original Avengers. Even though there is no confirmed release date for the movie yet, Kevin Feige has himself confirmed that this will be happening. Fans of the comics might remember that the Black Knight has a major role to play with the Avengers and he aided them a lot during their various missions. Dane had a significant role to play when the heroes had to face Kang the Conqueror. Considering Kang the Conqueror might end up being the next big baddie we might see Dane Whitman’s comic book arc as an unofficial Avenger being explored.


Black Knight Solo Project

Most of these projects will see the character in a supporting role. Marvel has been allowing a lot of fresh characters to get their own solo project as this allows for the characters to have a certain depth. We can see a clear chance for a Black Knight solo venture that will explore the character away from Blade or the Eternals. Here we might see him come to terms with the curse of the Ebony Blade or actually end up wielding it. This could be in a series format where we might also get some insight into the history of the blade with his family.


Eternals Sequel

There were some really high expectations from Eternals but the movie failed to live up to these. The movie was received with a divisive view from the audience which mostly included the fans of MCU. It ended up being one of the most different projects on the basis of the formula that the movie explored. But the movie ended with a lot of things happening and wasn’t actually a clear ending for the narrative. There is a chance that a possible sequel for the movie will give us a chance to properly see what happens to the characters now. Considering Dane would want to help Sersi, we might see him team up with the other Eternals to help her out.


Midnight Sons Project

MCU Projects where Black Knight could appear

Marvel has been hinting at some of the major events that we might get to see in the upcoming MCU projects. One of these events is definitely the fact that we will get to see some darker characters making an appearance in the franchise. Considering Dane’s character will deal with such elements we can clearly see him making an appearance in such a project. Various leaks in the last few months have indicated that we will be getting a Midnight Sons series and Whitman could have a role to play in it.

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