6 Worst TV Shows That You Should Definitely Skip

Introduction: These are the worst shows that were ever made in the history of Television. Statutory Warning: Please so not watch these shows.

There are shows that make you happy, sad, think and scare the hell out of you. But then there are shows that make you think why the hell these were even made. Take a look at these 6 Worst TV Shows That you should definitely Skip.

 1) Duck Dynasty (2012-present)

Congrats, Robertson family for being the undisputed winner for the worst show Evera dipshit sitcom go off as a reality appear, with a group of hairy faces bumbling over their scripted talk – like The Beverly Hillbillies with less authentic facial hair. The Robertsons discussed Jesus a considerable measure, yet Jesus most likely inclines toward Real Housewives like whatever is left of us.

2) 1600 Penn (2012-13)

Blackout - Season Pilot


The most exceedingly bad of all the nightmarishly terrible shows set in the White House. (What, you don’t recall Geena Davis in Commander In Chief? On the other hand, the one where Katherine Heigl plays a maverick CIA operator?) This NBC sitcom had President Bill Pullman, four bratty children, and First Lady Jenna Elfman, who offered jets like, “Don’t scoff – it’s not called the Oval Scoffice!”

3) Northern Exposure (1990-95)


A widely praised clique top pick, set in an unendurably inspiring Alaska town. Gosh, do these people take in a few lessons! A significantly preachier M*A*S*H tear, with the exception of brimming with substantial moose imagery. For the last seasons, the person in control was none other than David Chase, who went ahead to make The Sopranos. Truth: TV is weird.

4) Osbournes Reloaded (2009)


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America’s first family hit harsh times after The Osbournes – this Fox assortment/satire indicate endured precisely one scene, which had Ozzy doing a hot Flashdance routine and Kelly working a drive-through window. The peak: an astonish in front of an audience wedding for two individuals from the studio gathering of people, as Ozzy showers the upbeat couple with a fire quencher.

5) Joanie Loves Chachi (1982-83)



It’s intense picking the grodiest show of the 1980s – discuss low-hanging fruit – however this scarcely beats My Two Dads and Mama’s Family. The punch line: Some 33 years after this slaughtered his vocation, Scott Baio was the greatest big name Trump could draw to the Republican National Convention.

6) The Ghost Whisperer (2005-10)

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Light a flame, it would be ideal if you for whatever wonderful personality thought of the pitch, “Jennifer Love Hewitt plays a psychic.” Fortunately, America’s sweetheart bounced back for the far predominant Lifetime arrangement The Client List, as a top of the line handjob craftsman.

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