Lucifer Season 6 in Trouble Over Contractual Dispute With Tom Ellis  

Lucifer Season 6 in Trouble:

Lucifer turned out to be the most viewed Netflix original series of 2019. Netflix brought the series back in a major way and gave it an upgrade with the enhanced CGI and everything. Tom Ellis obviously did an amazing job and we just cannot wait to see him return this year. Season 5 is supposed to come out in 2 parts with 8 episodes each coming out at some point of time this year. But since the Coronavirus Pandemic halted the production of Season 5, it is entirely possible that Part 2 of Season 5 would arrive in 2021, i.e. if filming of Part 1 was finished. Or else, the entire season 5 could be pushed to 2021. Anyway, what about season 6 though?

For the last few months, we’ve been hearing reports that Netflix and the producers of the show were considering Season 6 as well since Season 4 turned out to be such a massive hit. In fact the last time we heard about it, things were getting serious as Tom Ellis had signed a new Lucifer contract already. But the new updates coming from TVLine, Ellis isn’t happy and has rejected the studio’s latest offer. Because he did finalize the contract extension last month (as we just mentioned), he could actually be found in “breach of contract” if he doesn’t end up accepting what he potentially agreed to last month.

The report from TVLine says that Warner Bros. TV has actually “sweetened the pot” for him on many occasions. They’ve already increased his payday season after season. “Everyone wants Tom to be happy, but there’s a limit, and it’s been reached.” Well, it seems that WB TV was expecting Ellis to return with a similar contract that he agreed to for returning on Season 5, but apparently the Devil needs to be fed even more. Obviously there’s no word upon the situation from either Ellis’ spokesperson or Warner Bros.

Well, it is apparent that Ellis didn’t really finalize his contract last month, but just agreed to the fact that he will be willing to return for Season 6. There was an “if” attached to his willingness. Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, the showrunners of the show have already signed new deals to return for Season 6 after Netflix wanted a Season 6 to be there. So it seems that Ellis is the last building block. In fact he is probably the main piece required for the infrastructure or else the entire foundation could crumble. Without him, the show will obviously come to its previously intended ending with Season 5 because it’d be foolish to recast the Devil reincarnate.

The fifth season was initially planned as the last one and the casting also seemed to point that way because God was finally coming to the show. Lucifer would finally come face to face with his father. as Dennis Haysbert had been cast for the role. The last time we saw Luci, he had gone back to take his throne in hell. It’s quite intriguing to know how he will get back to be united with the likes of detective Decker, his brother Amenadiel and other regular cast members. We’re even more curious to see if God himself is going to walk the Earth or will it be Lucifer who is summoned back to Heaven.

This would be the second time that Dennis Haysbert (God) & D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel) would be working together as they’ve appeared on 24 as brothers David and Wayne Palmer, respectively. In fact, it is important to note that D.B. Woodside was the one to suggest it to showrunner Joe Henderson that Dennis Haysbert should play God. Showrunner Henderson said:

“We did like the big crazy list of [possible actors for the part], and he was my top choice. We were lucky. It was our first and only offer. D.B. had actually come up to us and said, ‘Have you thought about Dennis?’ We were like, ‘Do you think he’d actually do it?’ And he’s like, ‘Well, I’ve already talked to him and sort of brought it up.’ And so we just went straight on at him.”

Luci should return from Hell and reunite with his love, detective Decker sometime later this year.

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