10 Superhero Movies to Watch on Netflix

There are tons of superhero movies that are roaming around on the internet and not everyone is able to access these flicks in the one go. Sometimes it becomes a headache to find movies on the internet as there are many fake links and fake information on the internet. So, our best bet is Netflix, everyone loves it. There are many movies and series on Netflix but not all of them. So, here is the list of 10 superhero movies that are available on Netflix.

 1. Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok is a mixture of Chris Hemsworth’s charm, Loki’s mischief and Cate Blanchett’s fury. God of thunder’s venture of rescuing his home from her sister, Hella is what this movie is all about. Thor: Ragnarok from MCU gathered all the thumbs up that it can from the critics and also wowed audiences amazingly. This flick is one of the best watches that are available on Netflix.  So, if you haven’t watched it yet, go and amaze your balls right now.

 2. Captain America: Civil War

Superhero Movies

This was one of the most awaited movies from Marvel and no Marvel will deny it. A movie solely focusing on the conflict between two amazing superheroes of Marvel is something that we cant afford to miss. This movie’s main focus and the highlight is the fight between team Cap and team Iron Man. These teams include other major heroes from the Avengers franchise like Vision, Black widow, Black Panther, our friendly neighborhood Spiderman and many more. This movie is right now streaming on  Netflix and you know what to do.

 3. Iron Man

Superhero movies on Netflix

Genius, Playboy, Millionaire, and Philanthropist, Iron Man has astonished fans since the first installment came into the existence and you can say we are more than blessed to have these movies in the existence. The aura and charm of Robert Downey Jr. are somewhat compelling as Iron man collected positive reviews from the critics and it had a great run on Box office too.

 4. Dr. Strange

dr. strange

Get ready for a ride of magic spells, other dimensions, awesome CGIs and sorcerers. Benedict Cumberbatch starring Dr. Strange is a magical ride of jaw-dropping experience with a strong story line-up that further adds in the MCU’s epics. Dr. Strange is available to watch on Netflix and if you haven’t watched it yet then what are you waiting for?

 5. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Superhero Movies

It is another Marvel classic that is more focused on the cosmic side of the universe. The second installment of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 moves around the father of Peter Quill aka Starlord and we are not talking about Yondu. Well, Starlord is a celestial being with some daddy issues and this movie is based on that plot only that are accompanied with some the best CGI effects that we have ever seen.

 6. Man of Steel

A DCEU flick that literally won the heart of fans all over the world. This movie features the story of Superman. The plot moves around the character Kal-el aka Clark aka Superman, how he ended up here on Earth, his childhood and his adulthood. This movie was a Box office hit and gained mix reviews from the critics and it is one of the few movies of DCEU that are available on Netflix.

 7. Green Lantern

Superhero Movies

Green Lantern is another movie of DCEU that is available on Netflix and Deadpool must wonder why? Well, this movie was not really the best of the movies that you can watch on Netflix but a fan must solemnly swear to follow and watch every movie that comes from their favorite comic universe. Ryan Reynold starrer Green Lantern was not favorably received by the critics and most probably not favorably received by the fans too.

 8. The Dark Knight Rises

One of the most iconic movies of DC impressed the audience on the global level. Christian Bale’s performance and villainous Bane made this movie something to remember. This superhero flick from DC is dark and somewhat connects you on a deeper level. Depth in this movie is bliss for sapiosexuals. This movie is a must watch.

 9. Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3 starring Tobey Maguire is an amalgamation of our friendly neighborhood Spiderman but with a twist from space. Spiderman 3 story moves around a symbiote from the space that lingers on to our Spiderman. This flick is quite fascinating as we get to see Spiderman in a black costume who is more powerful and a bit more sassy but with a twist and for that go watch it on Netflix.

 10. Batman vs. Superman

Superhero movies on Netflix

Another superhero movie on Netflix from DCEU is yet another dark thriller with three main superheroes from the DC i.e Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman. This is a major crossover movie from the DCEU was very much anticipated by the fans but it didn’t live up to the hype that it created while it was in the making. This flick is streaming on Netflix and definitely, a must watch.

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