Here Is Why TVA is Way Worse Than Strange Supreme

The Marvel Cinematic Universe became infinitely bigger when Loki aired for the first time. It was speculated that the show would feature Time travel shenanigans but it actually featured multiverse shenanigans. This was wildly different from the norm. But it was also a signal that Marvel no longer wanted to play it safe. They were finally about to blow things up. Now, we’ve found out why TVA is way worse than Strange Supreme. Read on to see the true depth of the horror that a Kang variant is capable of.

Two of the most explosive shows in the last year have been undoubtedly Loki and WandaVision. Both of these shows blew open the scope of the multiverse and the villain it was about to face. Then What If…? came around and showed just how deep the multiverse hole goes. Out of all the universes that the show has us visit, there is one that truly sends chills down our spine. I am talking about the Strange Supreme episode. In What If…? Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hands show just how far a hero can fall.


The good Doctor goes down a path of pure evil and malice. His obsession leads to him destroying the universe. He ignores all warnings and decimates anyone standing in his way, including the ancient one. The only one who can stop the villain is a variant of Strange himself. But even that variant loses, and the universe has to pay for the madness of the Sorcerer Supreme. The lust for power is truly a horrendous thing.


TVA Is Way Worse Than Strange Supreme

Although Strange Supreme destroyed his own universe, he started walking the path of redemption after one. He even teamed up with the Watcher and the Guardians of The Multiverse to save the other universes from the wrath of Ultron. But now we come to realize the implication p the things happening in Loki. We realize that TVA is way worse than Strange Supreme. Not only is Strange trying to walk a better path in his life, but he is also trying to not let others make the same mistake.


He destroyed his universe because he was misguided and he accepts his fate, but the TVA just kept ongoing. They did not stop to consider the moral implications of what they were doing. The scenario presented by Loki is a bleak one. It leads to desolation and sadness. The TVA did exactly what Doctor Strange did. But they did it an infinite number of times without stopping to think what or who they were killing. The reasoning that He Who Remains gives is that he wanted to ensure the proper flow of the timeline.


He wanted to ensure that the sacred timeline was preserved so that it could go on for as long as possible. HWR remains to accomplish this by destroying every timeline that diverges from the sacred timeline. They want to prevent a multiverse war because it leads to loss of life. But I ask HWR, who is going to be held accountable for all the life he and his TVA have taken. How many timelines, how many Earths, how many universes have they destroyed? And they did so without remorse or second thought. Truly a heartless organization.


Depths of horror

The reprehensible nature of TVA’s dealings was the reason why Sylvie despised the organization so much. They destroyed an entire reality just because of Loki’s gender. I think this is where He Who Remains’ policy starts revealing its cracks. He made sure that any variant that divulges from the sacred timeline be given a trial and be pruned immediately. This worked fine until they were apprehending evil Variants but when they went after innocent people like Sylvie, they created enemies that could not be stopped.


Not to mention the death of all the innocents in every reality that the TVA mercilessly pruned time after time. We do not know what to think about this conclusion of ours. But it is far more important what you think about our analysis of the plot of MCU. Do you think it makes sense or is it too far-fetched? Let us know in the comments below.

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