The Flash: How Barry Became the “Evil” Savitar Revealed

Most fans of the TV show The Flash had guessed that Savitar was none other than the future Barry Allen. But one question that eluded everyone was how did Barry become this evil Speedster? The truth on how Barry becomes Savitar is a complicated story. (Spoilers ahead, read at your own risk now).

The latest episode of The Flash, Cause, and Effect reveal how and why did Barry become Savitar. In the episode, in which Barry travels to 2024 to meet the future version of himself in order to learn how did he manage to imprison the God of Speed, future Barry tells him,

“You will do everything you can think of — you’ll ever create time remnants of yourself, but he’ll kill them all, mostly. On the night of May 23rd, Iris will die in your arms… and it will break you.”

To defeat his future evil self, Barry of 2024 revealed that he had even created time remnants of himself which were mostly destroyed by Savitar. Cisco deduces that Savitar allowed only a single time remnant of Barry to survive. Now, this was no accident. This time remnant was beyond Savitar’s imprisonment in the speed force. This Barry Allen was tormented and then decided to travel back in time to build his reputation as the GOD OF SPEED, and the name Savitar came into existence.

This time remnant moved up the history killing speedsters and taking in their speeds and becoming the almighty speed god. But, as it seems he decided to visit 2020 Barry first (rather than 2016) only to be defeated and imprisoned. Now as fate would have it, it was Barry’s creation of Flashpoint that caused enough instability in the speed force to let Savitar escape his prison.

As he got freed from his imprisonment in the speed force, “Savitar” decided to travel back in time and hunt the speedster that defeated him in the first place. As revenge, he decided to kill Iris creating a desperate Barry who creates time remnants of himself, and one of them becomes the evil God of Speed one day.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 22 will return next Tuesday (US TIME).

Aditya Goel

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