6 Interesting Facts About Walt Disney


Walter Elias Walt Disney, born on 5th December 1901 was an entrepreneur, cartoonist, animator, voice actor and film producer. He is known for his famous Disney works. Here is a list of 6 interesting facts about this animation genius.

Disneyland was the product of his own boredom. While taking his children to play in Los Angeles Griffith park, he used to get bored seating on the bench. It is then the idea came to his mind to make a new kind of amusement park for both children and adults enjoyment. The park bench is currently on display in Disneyland’s Opera house.




Mickey Mouse was first named Mortimer Mouse. Walt originally wanted to name the famous character as Mortimer Mouse, but his wife lily thought that the name was pompous and hence came up with a sweeter version Mickey. Finally as we all know the character was named Mickey and the Mouse became world famous.



Walt was crazy about hotdogs. Yes like any normal people Walter too had his share of craziness. He measured distance in hotdogs. The cans in Disneyland were placed 25 steps from hotdog stands, since that was how long it took him to eat one hotdog.

And not just this even Mickey Mouse’s first word was hotdog, in The Karnival Kid in 1929. In fact those were the first words ever to be spoken by an animated character.



He did not allow women to be animators. It was a very unusual practice for a woman in the 1930’s. Walt never allowed a woman to step into the shoes of an animator. Rather it is believed that he had a strong belief that women does not do creative works.


Clean shave whole year. Walt was strictly against facial hair. The employers could not grow facial hairs until 2012. And the policy used to extend even for guests. People with long hair and beards were kicked out of the park.

In fact, Roger McGuinn, founder of the band The Byrds was refused entry simply for having Beatles-style mop top. What’s interesting is that Walt himself maintained a moustache from the age of 25.




Controversy around his last word before death. During the time when he was lying in deathbed, suffering from lung cancer, he scribbled the name “Kurt Russell“ on a piece of paper. He died never writing another word.

Kurt Russell had later confirmed the news. Russell was a child actor at the time for Disney. However, Jim Korkis of later argued that “Kurt Russell” was not the last word written by Walt. The piece of paper now lies with many of his other written papers on his office desk.


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