3 Reasons Why ‘Comic Book Movie Genre’ Will Never Die

There is no doubt that how comic book movies are setting the trend and ripping the field at the box office. Before we hit the Millenium, comic book movies were not frequently and popularly in trend. Today, Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC are buckling down to bring out the comic book characters out of the book to the big screens, and literally watching them alive like humans, the graphics and CGIs just nail it. Moreover, some of the comic book adaptions are better than the hard copy. Until now, several comic books movies are already in the queue and it seems like the trend will wholly take over the box office. Why ? For that, check out five reasons why comic book movies will never die.

 1) Comic book characters are timeless


One of the strong factors that will keep the comic books genre alive is the fact that the characters in the comic books are timeless. If we look back the history of the comic books, most of the classic characters are what we are fascinated to today. Spider-Man appeared in 1938; Batman appeared in 1939 and Iron Man in 1963. Unbelievably, we are loving these decades-old heroes.

2) Popular actors want to play the comic book characters


Gone are the days when comics book characters were rarely portrayed by the popular actors. As the comic books turned to big screens, things changed for actors within a nip. We know actors like Robert Downey Jr., Sir Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jeff Bridges, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart, better today than ever before.

3) Rich source materials

comic book

Not from a decade, but from past decades, comic book work has never stopped rolling out new comics with interesting storylines. Since there is loads of stuff, comic books storyline will remain new for big screens. With several classic story lines, the comic books movies have yet to bring some new iconic characters other than Superman, Iron Man, Batman etc.

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