Every Hero Darkseid Has Beaten in the DCEU

Darkseid is a new God, to be correct he is the New God in the DC comics. He killed all the old Gods near and around his planet and sucked out their powers in his comic origins. The ruler of Apokolips is a ruthless tyrant who maintains power with an iron hand and revels in his conquest. His ultimate goal is the anti-life equation and to accomplish this he will decimate all those who stand in his way. The Knightmare sequence in Zack Snyder’s Justice League is proof of this. So we made a list of every hero Darkseid has beaten in the DCEU.


We are introduced to Darkseid via a Knightmare sequence in Batman Vs Superman. The omega symbol of the tyrant can be seen on the ground, presumably marked with his omega beams. This is a dystopian future where Darkseid has already won. The sequence is a part of a Knightmare vision that Bruce Wayne sees because of his paranoia and his place in the story. He is the one who is warned by future flash.


So it is not a stretch to think that he’ll be the one to be warned with the visions. One thing that is important to mention here is that Batman would have lost the Initial fight upon Darkseid’s invasion. The Justice League may have been decimated by the New God and Batman might have been the only survivor. Lost but not defeated.


Zack Snyder’s Justice League does more than just merely setting up future projects. It introduces characters that comic fans know only to show the animosity with which Darkseid invaded and conquerors. In one of the future visions of Batman, we can see Superman flying over decimated dead bodies. One of these bodies is very familiar to comic fans. I am talking about Kilowog.


The Green Lanter Corps Veteran is seen dead as Superman flies away. Bear in mind this is superman that is thought to be under Darkseid’s direct control. So this entire sequence is quite mind-bending. But it is also evidence that Superman and Darkseid killed the entire Green Lantern Corps including powerful warriors like Kilowog.


Through the footage received in Batman V Superman and both versions of Justice League, it can be concluded that Darkseid has won in one timeline. He destroyed the heroes and claimed the anti-life equation. It is presumed that he did this by killing Lois Lane upon his arrival on earth and broke the spirit of Man of Steel. Fans also speculate that Darkseid may have used his powers or some kind of device to control the broken Superhero in the aftermath of Lois’ death.


Another theory is that Superman might have gone the injustice route after the death of Lois Lane at the hands of Darkseid. This would make more sense since Superman is known to fly off the handle and in the Knightmare sequences Batman is more afraid of Superman than Darkseid. It would also explain the wrath of Superman as he hunts down Batman in the aftermath.



In the vision shown by the mother box to Cyborg, we see how Darkseid impales the king of Atlantis on his own trident in the throne room. This is made even worse when Vulko is atomized by the tyrant. It is harrowing to are such a fate befall our heroes. But it is also a testament to the strength of Darkseid and all that he has accomplished through his power. Only this New God can enter the throne room of Atlantis and kill the king for shots and giggles.


Wonder Woman

This is also part of the vision of Cyborg when he is trying to wake the mother box up. It starts with a funeral pure and upon this pyre, Viktor sees the carcass of Diana Prince. Astonishingly, Darkseid defeated Diana but was kind enough to leave her body in this perfect state, with not a single scar on the princess’ body. Maybe it was just an aesthetic choice made by the movie makers but it did put a break in our immersion.


Yalan Gur

According to the comics, Yalan Gur was one of the first Green Lanterns ever posted to sector 2814. He was part of the army that fought of Darkseid when he first came to earth in ancient times. But Yalan Gur was not able to stay in the fight for long as he was slain by the New God. This led to his ring flying off which can be seen in both versions of the Justice League.

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