20 Times Fans Blamed Thanos For Facebook Being Down

Yesterday Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp went down for almost 6 long hours and everyone went crazy over it. People started trolling Mark Zuckerberg and even some people started blaming Thanos for Facebook being down. Check out the funniest responses where fans blamed Thanos for Zuckerberg’s social media outlets being down. Take a look:

1. LOL!


2. Yes?

3. Balanced As Everything Should Be!



4. Haha!

5. LMAO!



6. Oh Yes!

7. Doesn’t Feel So Good!!


8. Woah!!

9. OMG!!


10. Crazy!!

11. Job Done!!


12. Snap Snap!

13. So Cool!


14. Oh Snap!

15. RIP!


16. It’s Wiping Time!

17. Sort Of!!


18. Major Thanos Vibes!

19. Oops!!


20. Let’s all Join Thanos Space!

Well these days, it’s Ultron who is doing everything. So we should probably blame him instead of Thanos.

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