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10 Marvel Characters Who Made a Deal With The Devil, Mephisto

Marvel Comics have always been a bit more surreal than DC. They tend not to worry too much about creating characters around the supernatural. Be it the Gods or the devil, they have had all sorts of beings appear in the comic pages. One such example is the demon Mephisto. The one who gives Ghost Rider his powers. Johnny Blaze makes a deal with the devil and the evil collects by making him into a fiery apostle of Hell. Though, Johnny is not the only character who has made a deal with the demon who calls himself the devil. Here are 10 Marvel Characters who made a deal with the devil.

Ghost Rider

The first one on the list is obvious. Johnny Blaze made a deal with Mephisto for his father’s good health. The character wanted to save his ailing father but ended up as the apostle of hell. Doomed to collect on unpaid contracts with the devil, Ghost rider haunts the night of credit defaults. Singing their souls with hellfire and running them down like dogs in the street. There is a certain degree of apathy in the character, maybe his soul burned away along with his humanity.


Sue Storm

Invisible Woman and the rest of the fantastic four were once summoned into the realm of the devil along with her child Franklin Richards. Here Mephisto convinced Reed Richards and Sue that they had made a deal with him years before. This was nothing but trickery, however, it ended up claiming the intelligence of Reed with this trickery. Sue chose to sacrifice her soul and made a deal with the devil for the restoration of her husband’s intelligence. This conflict escalated when Jean Grey made the same trade for Sue’s soul and Thir had to step in.


Doctor Strange

Marvel Characters Who Made a deal with the devil

In a recent comic arc, Spider-Man was being hunted by a Demon named Kindred. Doctor Strange assumed that Mephisto was behind all of this. So he visited Mephisto’s realm in Las Vegas and played a little game with the devil. Losing would mean that Strange would lose his soul to the demon. For this game, Mephisto summoned another kindred and sent it hunting for Spider-Man. Strange would also get two champions and he knew that the kindred were the clones of Harry Osborne. So he chose Mary Jane as his second champion and won the game easily.



Ever since the release of the No Way Home trailer, there have been a lot of discussions about this particular comic storyline. The one more day comic featured an arc where Peter trades his marriage for the restoration of his secret identity. He does this so that Aunt May can live again. In making a deal with the devil Peter loses his marriage to Mary Jane and the potential future daughter that would have come from this marriage. Incidentally, Mephisto appears to Peter as his future daughter the first time he is seen in the comic.


Norman Osborne

Spider-Man: Far From Home Theory Tony Stark Peter Parker

Years before Peter was born, Norman made a deal with the devil. He asked for power and riches. Mephisto granted his wish but in exchange demanded the man’s firstborn child. This would later be revealed to be Harry Osborn. When it came time to collect Mephisto turned Harry into the demon Kindred whose sole purpose of existence was to hunt down and destroy Spider-Man. Doctor Strange, himself had to step in to save Spider-Man.



New Mutants Trailer Reveals Hidden Story

Ever heard of an interdimensional sorcerer supreme. Well, we have got one for you. Magic is the younger sister of Colossus, she is a mutant and a Sorcerer Supreme of the Limbo dimension. She has a son who never became corporeal because of being born between dimensions. Magic made a deal with the devil so that her son may have a body, in return she offered the devil the destruction of all mutants across all dimensions. Being born and witnessing the destruction that his birth had brought, the bit sacrificed himself to put a stop to the carnage.


Howard Stark

This one is quite strange. When Tony was a little boy Howard Stark made a deal with the devil. He was trying to appease the demon and ended up indebted to him. The devil came to collect when he was battling the moon, God. To gather enough power to be resurrected again Mephisto took the form of a dog and summoned Howard from the depths of hell. Howard then helped Mephisto in finding people who owed him and allowed him to devour them, restoring Mephisto to his former glory.



Marvel Characters Who Made a deal with the devil

The God of mischief once tricked the devil. When Hela had lost Asgard and had no kingdom to govern she asked for a favor from Loki. The prankster went to Mephisto and offered him a couple of defeated Valkyries for a portion of the devil’s kingdom. Mephisto agreed and also gave up his claim to Loki’s soul. It worked out well for the God of mischief because Hela took Loki’s name out of the book of hell, making him effectively immortal.


Doctor Octopus

The villain was once transformed into the hero known as Superior Spider-Man. The character had a brilliant character as a hero. He even went on multiverse adventures with other Spider-Men. But this time an alternate universe Norman Osborn came after the life of this Spider-Man and threatened to destroy his child. Otto then made a deal with Mephisto to revert back to his old body. In exchange for this, Otto was stripped of his new moral compass of a hero. The entire thing was like a reset button for the superior Spider-Man storyline.


Phil Coulson

Phil is one of the most shrewd agents in S.H.I.E.L.D. , he was once forced to make a deal with the devil where he was brought back to life. The death occurred due to an assassination by a Captain America clone. Phil came back to life with an intense hatred for Superheroes. He ended up making a new world where he was the US president and Hyperion was the strongest hero in the multiverse. The scheme failed, ultimately, but it was a fun ride.

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