The Alternate Color Designs for the Power of the Ten Rings Revealed

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has raised our hopes for superhero movies. The movie has secured a great critical and box office response. Fans are trying to analyze every single detail that has been picked from each and every character in order to find out what the future plans for these movies are intended to be. It’s fairly obvious that these details will help us determine the idea of what has been happening in the MCU when we haven’t been looking. We are well aware of the amount of detail the Marvel movies pay attention to in order to get the fans excited. Let’s take a look at the alternated color designs that were taken into consideration for the  Power of the Ten Rings in Shang-Chi.

Effects in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings used a lot of effects in order to make sense of the wide variety of characters and worlds it had to introduce us to in the movie. Marvel is well known for the efforts that they put into the tiniest details only to make the movie more than a cinematic experience. The most interesting part of this was the idea that the movie was also responsible for introducing a weapon like the Ten Rings to the MCU.


Ten Rings

Fans have been waiting to see the Ten Rings make an appearance in the MCU for a long time now. But surprisingly the final form that we got to see was not what fans had expected to see. The creative team behind this went into great efforts to make the correct interpretation of the Ten Rings from the comics to the live-action. The decision regarding what colors would make the perfect look for the weapon wasn’t the only choice as a major decisive part was also played upon how the color each character who held the weapon would be.


Energy Colors

The Power of the Ten Rings

Lorrain Cink from Marvel sat down with the VFX Supervisor of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Christopher Townsend to discuss the process of choosing the energy color of characters wielding the Ten Rings would be. He said,

So trying to find the correct colors for Shang-Chi when he uses the rings, and for when Wenwu uses the rings, was kinda tricky. Coming down to color specifically, we ended up with the golds for Shang-Chi, and sort of a purple-ish blue for Wenwu as sort of our two key colors.


Some of these colors for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings can be seen in the pre-cis models above. Some of the colors included a golden-orange glow while at the same time a green glow could be seen. It’s fairly obvious why the latter wasn’t picked because of how much it resembles Doctor Strange’s use of the Time Stone and also the trickery we see Loki using. Some of the other essential colors shown that clearly ended up being used in the movie include a certain light purple hue and orangish-red designs. These are actually closer to what fans ended up getting in the film.


According to Townsend,

So I think one of the interesting things with the film is how the rings are different for each character. In essence, Wenwu is not necessarily fundamentally evil, but there are sort of aggressive overtones to who he is as a character and so the characterization of those rings was an extension of that. And when Shang-Chi’s using the rings, there’s almost an aura of goodness about him, so when he’s in almost a tug-of-war moment with his father, we see Wenwu, who uses the sort of lightning-based energy, very spiky and aggressive relative to  Shang-Chi’s almost silk ribbons of glowing energy and flowing and it’s a much more gentle serene power.


The Power of the Ten Rings

We might not get to see all the rest of these colors being utilized in the future installments of the movie. Fans are already hyped up about finding what the beacon is and who is it reaching out to as it was teased at the end of the film. Let’s see who will be called in by the 10 rings. My money is on Fin Fang Foom.

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