A Major Actor May Have Been Cast For Green Lantern Corps Movie

The Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds was undoubtedly an unmitigated disaster both in terms of film-making and box-office collections. It was a dud of massive proportions which almost ended the consideration to ever think of doing a Green Lantern movie in the future. Although, Ryan Reynolds wanted Green Lantern to succeed at the box-office and he did everything he could to make it work.There are numerous plotlines and stories that have potential to be adapted for the big screen, but till now DC hasn’t envisioned to resurrect the superhero and craft an intriguing & entertaining Green Lantern movie.

A Major Actor May Have Been Cast For Green Lantern Corps Movie

But recently DC has confirmed that Green Corps will be part of the upcoming Justice League and a possible spin-off movie in the future. It’s been termed as a Lethal weapon in space. The movie will follow the life of two iconic Green Lanterns – Hal Jordan and John Stewart. There will be elements of Green Lantern origins, his struggles and may even introduce a great DC villain Sinestro. The best thing about it is that it’s Geoff Johns initiative to bring him into the cinematic universe.

There are rumblings of possible casting for the Green Lantern corps movie, during 2017 Sundance Film Festival, The Wrap asked Armie Hammer if he is part of the venture. He said “I saw the reporting too. That’s the first I have heard it.” It is very much possible that he is keeping a degree of secrecy if he is competing with the likes of Ryan Reynolds or Tom Cruise for the coveted superhero role. He was cast in Lone Ranger opposite Johnny Depp, but the movie floundered on the box-office. He is still a good actor with an amazing body and looks of a superhero, in fact, he was once considered for the role of Batman.

Green Lantern Corps

We need a Green Lantern film which could explain the mysticism surrounding the character and at the same time make an exciting, adrenaline-filled superhero film. Let’s wait and see what Warner Bros. has to say. CHEERS!

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