4 Superhero Team-Ups That We Want To See

There is nothing as exciting as watching two famous superheroes teaming up in comic book movies. With the new team-ups, the story plot does become interesting to bring out the superhero collaboration on the screen. With so many possible combinations to choose, it could be daunting to form combinations. Without any further ado, we bring you four superhero team-ups that need to happen.

1. Batman and Moon Night


Batman ad Moon Night seem to be an easy choice. One similarity between the characters is that they are rich. Both of dark striking costumes, both have traveled the world with Batman pursues best of the talent, while Moon Light collects the money from the places that no one wants to go; killing lots of people on the way. Batman is violent when seeking justice, but Moon Light is super violent in the same.

2. The Flash and The Night Crawler

superhero team-ups

Well, we all know that no one runs faster than The Flash. It seems like Night Crawler, who is a mutant and has the power to teleport into different dimensions with an unconscious direction-finding skill. Well, both the superheroes are a good team player in their natural perspective. The duo could work well together.

3. Iron Man and Mega Man


Mega Man is boy robot who is a living weapon who can destroy other robots, while Iron Man has a red-golden suit with great powers and weapons. Well, it may seem to be an awkward and a non-responsible pair, but it would be fun to seem them on screen.

4. Catwoman and Black Widow


Catwoman is more of a trained gymnast which has an expert hand-to-hand combatant with a specialized bullwhip nail move, while an expert gymnast, athlete, and aerialist capable of several complex feats. She is also an expert martial artist. With so much similarity, the face off would be so amazing and fun.

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