Quantico: Mother of all Twists!

The episode is out. The episode in which we thought that the bomber will be known is out. Oh! How wrong we were! If at all, this episode created more questions rather than answer our previous queries.


Finally we are 100% sure that Simon is not the bomber. One more person off the checklist. But Elias being the one who set up Alex and Simon was something we could not have foreseen. He is one of the favourable characters from the starting..calling out on Simon when he found weird stuff about him at Quantico, helping to prove that Alex was not the culprit…he played the perfect good boy character. But why did he have to jump to his death? If he had atleast given a statement, then Alex and Simon’s name would have been cleared. Now that they were not able to prevent the second bombing Liam cannot help proving that Alex is innocent. But here is an epiphany: according to the court and media, Alex is locked up in the cells. And yet the second bomb went off. Logical reasoning leads everyone to believe that the 2 bombings must be by the same person. So how could have Alex possibly hid the bomb in the command center? For the first few hours, she was running around trying to escape the FBI, whose base was the command center and the moment she reached it, she was arrested by them. Remember this contemplation is from the view point of the outside world. So it means that, this is a logical way to prove her innocence. Yay!! Or is it too early to celebrate? Oh wait! We have to find the real bomber. Caleb asking for 4 deposit boxes at the very place which turned out to be the command center and mentioning that it was “very close to the Grand Central”, it obviously made us contemplate atleast for a minute if he could have been the bomber or if its just another hoax. Caleb played a major part in making Liam and FBI believe that Alex was innocent. When that is so, it makes no sense if he was the one who framed her and cleared her name as well. Just before the second bombing, didn’t Shelby and the Senator exchange few words? Was it at the command center? If so, did they make it out? We have to wait and watch..

  Now, to the training period at Quantico..the girs’ bonding time together was quite enjoyable..

 “Natalie: Will you stop torturing yourself?

Alex: I can’t…

Natalie: ok..then stop torturing me!!”

Their behaviour was so good, that for a second we would have assumed that they were best buds. It was as if the quarrel in the previous episode about the scar didn’t even happen. Who knows..with the right push they can have each other’s back. Alex and Ryan’s relationship is so complicated or its better to say, she complicates it. First she doesn’t stop him when he goes, now when he is undercover with his ex, she is crying over him. But hey, what good is a sitcom without a little drama right?

Shelby breaking up with Caleb because he said the truth, is outright wrong. What’s the big difference between Clayton learning the truth and Caleb telling it? He actually helped his dad out. Clayton would have felt betrayed if he had come to know about it later. Shelby should be glad that she got a guy who would be truthful in his relationship.

Miranda’s son turning up bruised and beaten; it was bound to happen sometime. But will we ever know what is the connection between the storyline and her son? Is he in the same cult as the one in which Caleb used to be? Or does he have a part to play in the bombings? Until next week…

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