10 Most Gruesome Deaths of Major Marvel and DC Characters

Some supporting characters are really good. Going toe to toe with the superheroes or giving them moral support, giving them a new characters. But sometimes their deaths of these characters too are made impactful. Here are ten deaths of such characters:

Jason Todd Is Killed

Scariest and Gruesome Deaths of 10 Really Important Characters In Comics

Out of everything that the Joker has done, killing Jason Todd was arguably the worst thing that he did. He traps the second Robin’s long lost mother and when he comes to save her, beats him to a pulp, with a crowbar. Not just that, he leaves him there with a time bomb, and blows him up just before Batman can get there. Todd later returns as the Red Hood though.

Gwen Stacy Dies

She is probably the most important character and the love interest that actually shaped what Peter Parker is like today. Gwen and Peter were an amazing couple, loving each other against all odds. Be it Peter’s Aunt May’s deteriorating health conditions or Gwen’s father issues. But the couple still had to face something worse, that would eventually end up killing Gwen. The Green Goblin, Norman Osborn killed Gwen Stacy and ended up giving us a totally new Peter Parker. What’s even worse is that she actually died because of her neck being snapped by Spidey’s webbing.

Lois is Killed

Under the influence of the drug of the Scarecrow, given to Supes by the Joker, the Man Of Steel kills Lois thinking of her to be Doomsday. What was worse than he, out of his mind yet again, when comes to his senses, he realizes that there are two heartbeats coming from the body of the woman. The second of his unborn child who he killed.

Loki Dies

Loki, after seeing what all he had done in ‘Dark Reign’ come to be sorry for his actions, as this time, Void was unleashed, who put Asgard in a lot of danger, this much destruction had never been caused to their home planet. Not just that Loki using the Nors stones here, brings back the dead heroes in order for them to have a second take at Void. Witnessing what the trickster had done, Void becomes infuriated and turns towards him, before being torn into two by him, Loki apologizes to Thor for all the menace he created.

Sarah Essen

Essen was James Gordon’s second wife, who was also a cop. Once, she manages to catch Joker on gunpoint, but there is an issue, that the clown prince of mayhem has dozens of infants as hostages. He then tosses an infant towards Sarah, who out of the reflex of her nature drops her gun to catch the baby. Joker then picks up the gun and shoots her in the head.

Uncle Ben

Who better than Uncle Ben, to be someone to absolutely change a person into something else. The dying glare that he gave to Peter started an entirely different chapter in Peter’s life making him wear the Spandex and become the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It was his death that reminded Peter of his failure and what happens when a hero fails to act.

Captain Stacy

Among the many sufferings that Spider-Man had to go through, one major loss was Captain Stacy who was the father of Peter’s girlfriend, Gwen. Captain Stacy died a hero in “Amazing Spider-Man” while saving a small child from falling bricks which were thrown by Doctor Octopus. In his last words, he revealed that he knew about Peter’s alter identity and that he trusted Peter for his daughter Gwen.

Ant May

After the death of his parents, aunt may be home to Spider-man. But after a chronic illness aunt May’s death, which was not unexpected though, arrived in “Amazing Spider-man” but even this death had a retcon where the plot was twisted such that the aunt may who died was a genetically altered actress, this too was done by Osborn.

Karen Page

Daredevil had 2 major love interests in his life. Bullseye killed both. Be it Elektra or Karen, both died at his hands. Here we talk about Page, who came in front of Daredevil when Bullseye attacks him. Bullseye goes laughing, saying ”Oh, I missed” or did he?

Alfred Dies

In Injustice when Alfred leaves the Wayne Manor, he still remains in contact with Batman, Supes, who is the cruel dictator wants to find Batman as he can destroy him, Supes follows Damian and finds out Alfred’s location, asks him where Bats his. He refuses to tell, as he’s a real badass. Supes then releases Zsaz from prison so that he can ask him himself, Zsaz and Alfred fight and Alfred is left to bleed.

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