Live-Action Marvel Zombies Movie In Development (How It Could Look In MCU)

Marvel’s What If…? is one of the best series that the fans have been provided with in order to explore the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series allows us to witness all the events that we could only dream of. The advantage of making it animated allows the series to take absolute liberty with the stories and the characters. Some of the greatest moments in the series so far are things that we cannot ever expect to see in live-action movies. This is very exciting since fans have been wishing to see their theories come to real life. And in a way, they are getting realized with the idea that the characters are being voiced by the actors who portray them in live-action. Let’s take a look at how the Zombie episode of What If…? might actually lead to a live-action Marvel zombies movie in the future.

The What If…? Zombies Episode

The fifth episode of What If…? explored the story of a zombie invasion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the story made sure to invoke everyone of the zombie movie tropes we have witnessed before, this required taking a lot of liberties with the characters. This was the most hyped episode of the series ever since we got a glance of it in the trailer. One has to credit the amount of creativity that went into the story of the episode as not much left unexplored. There was the added fear of almost every character turning into the zombie that who had survived so far.


Live-Action Marvel Zombies Movie

It seems too farfetched of an idea. But in a recent newsletter, the Marvel Comic writer Mark Millar (known for writing Marvel’s original Civil War storyline) hinted at the possibility of a live-action Marvel zombies movie treatment in the future. He wrote: “(if my sources are correct) a little live-action Marvel Zombies further down the line, but you never heard that from me.”

While nothing can yet be confirmed and this might just be based on some chatter that might have happened based on the story. Mark Millar has been closely associated with the Walking Dead comic books as it actually did come out of his run with Fantastic Four.


Live-Action Marvel Zombies Movie

But since Marvel can’t just randomly spin out a movie about zombies in the MCU. There is a possibility that this multiverse is gonna be the way towards getting such a plotline. A live-action adaptation might actually continue from the situation we had left the series since the animated series is considered to be canon and there’s a massive chance that we might see these multiverse renditions of the characters in the future projects of MCU.


Marvel might not turn its biggest heroes into zombies for a one-off movie or TV event. But there is a chance Mark Millar himself might be involved in the project. Even though the 30 minutes of the zombie world we got to explore wasn’t enough, it did bring in a lot of tropes and kept a light tone. It would be rather fun to see Scott Lang’s head pair up with the Cloak of Levitation and have their own adventures. At the same time, we could see the possible return of Bucky as the new Captain America in a Daryl Dixon-like character from The Walking Dead.


A Possible Look

Since the live-action Marvel zombie project still seems to be far away, let’s take a look at the possible look we might get from such an interpretation. An artist on Instagram who goes by the name of ArtOfTimeTravel has recreated the team-up that we saw in the episode with the live-action cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The characters recreated include Tom Holland as Spider-Man, Sebastian Stan as Bucky, Danai Gurira’s as Okoye, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner and Evangeline Lilly as Hope van Dyne or The Wasp. The artwork also depicts them being surrounded by a horde of zombies in the streets of New York.


It would be amazing if this version of Marvel Zombies could be brought to live-action. But I guess people would like to see something new. So let’s see if we get a live-action Marvel Zombies movie in the future. Would you like to see something like that? Let us know in the comments.

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