This Easter Egg From Age of Ultron Sets Up An Amazing Plot-Line For Avengers 4

Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen its own set of trials and tribulations over the years. Ever since the first iron man movie and the utterance of the words,” I am Iron Man”. We have seen a whole shared universe emerge out of pure conjecture. Not that I’m complaining. Hell, I’m one of those individuals who are incredibly excited to see comic book heroes get the attention and praise from the masses that they so rightly deserve. If you ask me it’s a good thing that we are getting so many movies and these heroes that the comic fans have adored for centuries are getting the appreciation and screen time that they are owed.

Being a little less passionate and a little more objective let me talk about the theory we are going to discuss today. You see when you have such a huge quantum of content coming out every year all interlinked and interdependent you tend to add a lot of foreshadowing and easter eggs in your movies. Now because you are a writer and you have the whole series arc fleshed out in front of you, you know exactly what each reference and Easter egg means. However, this enlightened state of knowledge does not extend to the audience. But every once in a while we catch up. This is possibly one of those time.

You all remember the abomination that was Age of Ultron, right?


If you remember that movie, you probably only remember two things from it. First, the Quicksilver had a sudden change of heart and then met with a rather forgettable death. Second, the after credits scene. The best part of Age of Ultron was undoubtedly the fact that it ended and we got to experience this bone-chilling after credits scene.

 The scene features a close up of the constructed infinity gauntlet that was taken out of a vault by the Mad Titan who wears it and says,”fine, I’ll do it myself”. The scene is not long and it doesn’t even have any major reveals other than the fact that Thanos is finally mobilizing his forces, or so we thought. You see, there is this new theory floating online that connects this after credits scene to Avengers 4, read on below to find out and watch out for potential Avengers 4 spoilers.

Alright, fasten your seat belts children because I’m about to blow this thing wide open. The theory is simple and precise. It states that the fact Thanos starts to move immediately after the defeat of Ultron indicates that either Ulton was being controlled by Thanos himself or the two villains were functioning in collusion. Thanos obviously desired the infinity gems on earth and maybe Ultron wanted to hold on to earth when the Mad Titan eventually did go on a rampage.

I know i know. It sounds preposterous. But read my rationale and if you don’t find it engaging then you can choose to discredit me as you wish in the comments below and I will offer no resistance.

Ultron was an ai developed by Tony Stark to run the Iron Legion, he was supposed to be the next evolution in the Iron Man technology. “a suit of armor around the world!” As Bruce Banner puts it. However, this idea went completely wrong whenUltronn gained sentience and decided to rid the earth of it’s the greatest threat, the Avengers, and the human kind! It’s a bit of a cliché but it looks fine on paper. The key fact is that Ultron was modeled after the information extracted out of the mind gem. This is pivotal evidence.

 Why? You ask?? Because the mind gem was in the possession of the Mad Titan before it was handed over to loki to rage battle on earth. The entire premise gets that much more credibility when we realise that the defeat of Ulton was the exact moment that Thanos started moving on the infinity stones.

So what does this all mean. Will Ulton be a part of the battle forces that amass under Thanos’s might in Avengers 4 or has he always been the latent spy on earth who has continuously leaked information to the Mad Titan? Is Ultron the reason why Thanos recognises Stark ?

This Easter Egg From Age of Ultron Sets Up An Amazing Plot-Line For Avengers 4

We’ll just have to find out on May 3, 2019. Until then watch this space for everything Marvel.

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