Does The Thunderbolts Movie Mean That Bucky Will Not Return In Captain America 4?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is supposed to come out with some rather exciting projects in the upcoming years. This will be rather interesting considering MCU has to work out something massive to make an interesting plot following the Infinity Saga. The movies will introduce a rather interesting number of new characters from the comics to the live-action world. Meanwhile, Marvel is also using this as an opportunity to explore previously unexplored narratives. This has been done using both the shows and the movies as a means. The Thunderbolts movie will bring together a team of characters we had previously seen in the universe but were not properly explored. But this movie also makes us wonder if this movie would have an impact on Bucky. Maybe Bucky will not return in Captain America 4 because of this.


Fans have been wondering when Marvel will come up with the Thunderbolts film as an essential project considering the team of villains consists of characters who have already appeared in the MCU. These characters had played roles that could have actually been used in such a manner that they can definitely be brought back for later projects. If the movie does actually take place then it will have a certain impact on other narratives related to this project in the MCU too.


The Winter Soldier

Bucky will not return in Captain America 4

Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes has always been associated with Captain America and the latter actually helped him somewhat redeem himself. This was an interesting storyline that actually had a major impact on the Avengers with Iron Man and Captain America parting their ways. We had last seen Bucy trying to work on himself and teamed up with Falcon who has now taken the Captain America mantle. This clearly means that we will again witness Bucy being next to Captain America. But the Thunderbolts movie could clearly mean that the character can actually branch out and pave his own way away from the shadow of Captain America.


The Winter Soldier has one of the most famous associations with Thunderbolts as the leader of the team. This came into being when the team was trying to control Kobik who was a personification of the Cosmic Cube. Cosmic Cube is what we know as the Tesseract in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This rendition of the winter soldier saw other characters like Moonstone, Atlas, Fixer, MACH-X, and then Kobit herself. The team-up ran for a very short period of time as they crossed paths with characters like the Squadron Supreme, the Inhumans, and Zemo’s own team. This team, known as the Master of Evil, played an essential role in breaking the team apart.


Why Thunderbolts Could Mean That Bucky will not return in Captain America 4

Considering the Infinity Saga is over and the whatever the Thunderbolts end up doing will completely differ from the Infinity Stones. But there is a major chance that Baron Zemo or Bucky will actually play some central characters in the Thunderbolts team. Now that Zemo is still in the zone of villain he could actually end up being an essential member of the team. While at the same time we could end up seeing Bucky playing either an enemy or a member in Thunderbolts.


We last saw Bucky in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which saw Sam take on the mantle of Captain America and something similar was expected from Bucky too. Thunderbolts could be an opportunity in creating a rather interesting arc in the story of Bucky. This is taking into consideration the fact that Zemo is actually more in control of Bucky and they could have a compromise and work towards a common goal. But this actually leads to a possible chance of removing any possibility of Bucky redeeming himself. This could actually be a rather interesting thing to see considering the character has suffered a lot in its arc.

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