No Time To Die: 6 Things To Remember Before You Watch Bond 25

Daniel Craig has been able to give us a rendition of James Bond that seems perfect for the advancements the character has made in recent times. Ever since his take on the role of James Bond certain changes were made into the role of James Bond that played out very well with the fans of the character. The movies have had a majorly good critical response with some of them even being called amongst the best entries to the franchise. The character has a certain continuity to be followed in the movies that play out over the movies that Daniel Craig has appeared in. This does include some recurring characters that might also appear in the final entry of Craig’s take on the role. Let’s take a look at everything we must remember about Daniel Craig’s James Bond before you watch Bond 25, No Time To Die.

Daniel Craig’s James Bond

No Time To Die will mark the final appearance of Daniel Craig as the beloved spy character. This will also be the fifth time we would be watching him appear in the character. Craig’s interpretation of the character has had its own eventful taste. The actor first appeared in the role in 2006’s Casino Royale. Craig holds the record for the longest period for which an actor has appeared in the role i.e. 15 years.  He almost came close to defeating Sean Connery and Roger Moore for the number of times an actor has played the role of Bond in a movie. Both of these actors had played the role of 007 in seven films.


Casino Royale is responsible for the massive transition in the interpretation of the character. The movie was like a reboot of the character of James Bond and his movies. Thus the previous version of the character had started with 1961’s Dr. No with Sean Connery in the lead role and ended with 2002’s Die Another Day which had Pierce Brosnan in the titular role. The 2006 movie was majorly influenced by the success of Paul Greengrass’s leaner and meaner Jason Bourne films. Let’s dive into the essential plot points from the history of Daniel Craig’s appearance as James Bond in the movies.


A New History

We got to explore James Bond in a completely different manner as we are given some hints at the origin of the actor and his past. Bond was orphaned at the early age of 12 as his parents, Andrew Bond and Monique Delacroix were killed during a climbing accident. James was adopted by Hannes Oberhauser and he lived at his family’s Scotland lodge that goes by the name of Skyfall. We are also introduced to Franz Oberhauser who was his foster brother and grew an animosity to the latter due to Bond’s close relationship with his father. Bond’s service in the Royal Navy led him to join MI6 while his brother killed their father and ran away. He later emerged as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the leader of one of the major global criminal networks called Spectre.


A Failure In Love

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Casino Royale gave us a hint at James Bond falling in love and actually going at leaving the OO7 title. His affair is short-lived as he discovers that she was working for Le Chiffre which brings him back to the dark world he was once a part of. Bond establishes himself by taking Mr. White captive who was responsible for the death of Le Chiffre.


Finishing The Ties Of Casino Royale

The failure in romance sticks around with Bond as he appears in Quantum of Solace to cut all ties that explored what had happened in the past. While at the same time Bond discovers that Mr. White’s organization is quite large and this leads to the further discovery of agents hiding inside the MI6. Bond discovers that Vesper Lynd was actually doing and he forgives her and then takes captive her former lover Yusef Kabira.


Blofeld And Quantum

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Skyfall follows the tale of the demise of M and after that we see Bond uncover a whole new world as he comes face to face with Ernst Blofeld. Blofeld conveys to him that he was primarily responsible for all the events that have worked out in his past. Mr. White asks Bond to save his daughter before committing suicide. Bond saves Madeleine and himself from the arms of death under the attempt of Blofeld. Daniel Craig’s James Bond will finish his narrative in No Time To Die and it would be rather exciting to see what his fate would be.

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