5 Doctor Strange Characters That Meant Way More Than What They Did In The Films

Doctor Strange characters have surely brought the MCU to a more mystical side. The film bringing in all new faces and characters may have left the fans a bit bewildered and confused, but the comic book fans sure as hell know the faces that they saw. Here is more about the Doctor Strange Characters that we saw in the film:

Cloak Of Levitation

We start with his, which actually is an object, but has been given some life to it. The Cloak Of Levitation doesn’t have quite the same personality in the comics as it does in the films but it is very powerful, including once being able to save the entire universe from itself.


Wong might be the Librarian at Kamar Taj in the first part of the film, and of course a secret Beyoncé fan, but in the comics and in the films to come he will be nothing less than a partner and a great friend to Doctor Strange, who can be seen with him in almost all his endeavours.

Nicodemus West

Doctor Nic in the films is a way bigger character in the comics. He is the one who treats on Strange’s hands giving him some serious nerve damage. Not just that, he also develops some mystical powers himself as he follows Strange to Kamar Taj.


Doctor Strange Characters

Dormamu is the ruler of the Dark Dimension. Not just that Strange’s biggest love interest in the comics is Dormamu’s niece who herself later becomes the ruler of the Dark Dimension. Not just that Mordo is the one who brings him out to the real dimension.

Baron Mordo

Doctor Strange Characters

This has to be the biggest character to be in the Doctor Strange films. Mordo his ally and accomplice in this film is actually Doctor Strange’s arch enemy in the comics. Not just that, the entire Doctor Strange film was actually Mordo going to the dark side. Also, the storyline on which the film was made was actually Mordo’s, in which it is not Kaecilius but Mordo who steals the ritual and tries bringing out Dormammu.

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